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Cor-Tek Corporation Showcases Innovative SMART Production Capabilities

Cor-Tek Corporation Showcases Innovative SMART Production Capabilities

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Cor-Tek Corporation, parent company of Cort Guitars and Digitech/DOD, lifts the curtains on how innovative manufacturers chart new courses in MI product development with a brand-new factory tour video.

Hot off their 50th anniversary celebration in 2023, Cor-Tek is now sharing behind-the-scenes techniques and methodologies that result in both increased production and higher quality standards – an always ambitious goal. Over 20 million musical instruments have been produced and shipped in the past five decades and Cor-Tek continues to expand and modernize. The company’s Dalian location builds upon its established production facilities in China. Each day, at all Cor-Tek factories, skilled workers and technicians craft and assemble hundreds of instruments and musical gear. Present-day metrics – one million guitars and 300,000 amplifiers produced and exported per year, worldwide – speak to Cor-Tek’s unrivaled capacities. The company continues to invest heavily in technological advancements and facility development, ensuring that Cor-Tek factories are amongst the most innovative, globally.

With more than 1000 SKUs of acoustic guitars alone, a SMART factory becomes a necessity and here is where Cor-Tek is rising above and beyond. While technology and innovation are often spoken with regards to product, these forward-thinking opportunities also improve the safety and wellbeing of Cor-Tek employees. For example, the traditional practice of kerfing an acoustic guitar previously needed the application of 50 or more clamps to any one instrument.  An employee can easily apply and remove these high-tension clamps thousands of times per day, potentially creating harm to an employee’s hands and wrists. But with the advent of a vacuum kerfing machine, the precision of the kerfing process is improved, the cost of the product comes down, and the health and wellbeing of the employee is protected.

But it is not all about machinery. Cor-tek has not lost sight of the fact that to make an exceptional guitar, it is necessary to have the best materials and the best employees. Cor-tek has spent decades building one of the most expansive wood warehouses in the industry and is highlighted by a beautiful and extensive exotic wood library. And as the company continues to grow and innovate, they reinvest in their employees with the necessary training and skills needed to keep the employee and business moving forward.

In addition to its Cort Guitars being produced annually, Cor-Tek is also an OEM partner with a number of globally recognized MI brands. The company works closely with the management and workers of those brands to continue to refine processes and ensure quality management and encourages a collaborative relationship that benefits all parties.

Such proven strategies have already led to wide-scale success within the realm of musical instruments and products and represent significant manufacturing opportunities for companies and brands from market segments outside of music, as well.

Explore the impressive and evolving Cor-Tek production capabilities by viewing the newly released factory tour video here.

Learn more about Cor-Tek Corporation and Cort Guitars at www.cortguitars.com.

About Cort Guitars

Cort designs, manufactures and delivers some of the finest guitars and basses to musicians and music enthusiasts all around the world. Over the past 50 years, the company has worked with some of the largest and most well-recognized guitar companies in the industry, as well as artists of international recognition. Cort remains focused on providing instruments that will last generations with the best workmanship possible, the best materials and components, and the best service long after the instruments have been purchased. For more information, visit www.cortguitars.com.

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