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Breedlove Releases a Second Episode in New Meet Your Makers Series

Breedlove Releases a Second Episode in New “Meet Your Makers” Series

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The Mastery of Craftsmanship with Paul Roshau at Breedlove’s Custom Shop

Bend, Oregon – Breedlove proudly announces the release of the second episode of its captivating video series, “Meet Your Makers.” This episode dives into the craft of Paul Roshau, a key artisan at the Breedlove Custom Shop, renowned for his impeccable guitar neck craftsmanship.

While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in exercise and sport science from Concordia University in Portland, Paul’s curiosity in guitar building burgeoned. With unwavering encouragement from his wife, he found his home at Breedlove, channeling his expertise and ardor for craftsmanship into the Custom Shop.

Paul’s role in the neck department extends far beyond craftsmanship; it’s a heartfelt dedication. His profound understanding of exceptional guitar necks, derived from both skill and musician’s insight, aligns with Breedlove’s commitment to sustainable practices.

The accompanying video captures Paul’s journey, showcasing his meticulous work process and highlighting his pivotal role in crafting Breedlove necks treasured by musicians worldwide.

From the hand-selection of premium materials to the precision in crafting each neck, Paul’s commitment ensures that every guitar leaving the Custom Shop exceeds standards in quality and playability.

Experience firsthand the passion and expertise Paul imbues into crafting Breedlove guitar necks. Watch the second episode of “Meet Your Makers” now available on Breedlove’s YouTube Channel.

Breedlove Guitars “Meet Your Makers” Series: Paul Roshau

Video by Breedlove Guitars

About Breedlove Guitars

For more than 30 years, Breedlove has been on the forefront of guitar innovation. With the goal of superior sound and sustainable exotic tonewoods, Breedlove has followed the lead of musicians and builders, designing trusted, quality instruments for a new era at their home in Bend, Oregon.

For more information about Breedlove, please visit their website and follow Breedlove on Facebook, Instagram, and X.

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