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CAST Engineering releases the Pulse Drive pedal

CAST Engineering releases the Pulse Drive pedal

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Casting yesterday’s tones into tomorrow’s technology

Atlanta, GA – March, 2016 – the latest offering from CAST Engineering; the Pulse Drive pedal brings you classic analog tremolo sounds and 30db of boost, making this pedal extremely versatile and truly inspiring to play.

This is our enhanced version of the classic Anthony Leo tremolo circuit from the 60s. You can get the slow subtle trem to choppy to classic swampy tones. With 30db of gain on tap, you can take it from crystal clear to gritty trem or turn the depth all the way down and have just a boost/drive to send your amp into sweet overdrive land. A simple pedal with a lot of sounds on board!

Each Pulse Drive pedal will feature the following:

  • 3 knob layout – Level, Depth and Rate – all knobs light up and pulse to the rate of the tremolo –
  • Classic tremolo sounds
  • 30db of boost on board to be used alone or mixed with tremolo
  • 9V battery or standard 9v neg tip power supply
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Truly designed and hand built in Atlanta, GA

The CAST Engineering Pulse Drive is available online and in stores now for $179.99

Pulse Drive Tremolo/Boost Pedal – video by CAST Engineering

For more video clips please visit:

About CAST Engineering

CAST Engineering is constantly striving to make the best hand built products possible. All of our products use vintage, through hole technology, giving the player the best tone possible. Play one and hear for yourself!

Website: www.cast-engineering.com

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