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BOSS Announces DUAL CUBE LX and DUAL CUBE BASS LX Amplifiers

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The Acclaimed CUBE Lineup Grows with Class-Leading Compact Amplifier Models for Guitar and Bass

Los Angeles, CA, August 25th, 2022BOSS announces the DUAL CUBE LX and DUAL CUBE BASS LX, the latest members of the acclaimed CUBE amplifier family from BOSS and its parent company Roland. For over four decades, CUBE amplifiers have brought exceptional value to musicians everywhere, offering great sound and versatile features in portable, go-everywhere designs. These new guitar and bass amplifiers carry on this long tradition, evolved with the latest BOSS advancements for unmatched flexibility.


Ultra-compact and filled with authentic BOSS tones, the DUAL CUBE LX and DUAL CUBE BASS LX are the ultimate amps for home practice and jamming with friends. Indoors and out, players can enjoy big, immersive sound with custom-designed stereo speakers and versatile power with the included AC adaptor or eight AA batteries. A generous array of connectivity options are included as well, extending their capabilities far beyond the range of other desktop amps.

Players can use the stereo line outputs to directly connect to a PA system and perform on stage, or use the USB or i-CUBE-Link connectors to capture mix-ready sounds in music software on a computer or mobile device. For live streaming applications, the user can capture their voice with a headphones mic and send it to the USB and i-CUBE Link outputs along with their instrument’s sound.

The DUAL CUBE LX and DUAL CUBE BASS LX also support wireless expansion with the optional BOSS Bluetooth® Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor. From a mobile device, players can stream music, edit sounds, and more. In addition, the adaptor enables cable-free operation of wah and volume using the BOSS EV-1-WL Wireless MIDI Expression Pedal. Both amps also support external control of various functions with optional footswitches, including control of an onboard looper.

DUAL CUBE LX Guitar Amplifier

The DUAL CUBE LX produces full, punchy guitar tones that belie the amp’s compact size. There are eight versatile amp types to choose from, all with natural feel and organic response honed with decades of BOSS amp development. There’s also a mic preamp type for using the amp as a portable vocal PA system.

The DUAL CUBE LX includes a variety of BOSS stereo and mono effects to enhance the sound. Each amp type features three user memories, allowing users to store gain, EQ, and effect settings for quick recall. Dedicated editor software opens up even more creative power, providing access to different amp and effect variations, detailed parameter adjustments, and more.

The DUAL CUBE LX also features a special Stereo In amp type for connecting stereo devices, complete with advanced spatial processing for even more expansive sound. By default, it provides a full-range platform for an amp/effects processor such as the GT-1000, GT-1000CORE, GX-100, GT-1, or IR-200. With the editor, it’s possible to choose a neutral guitar amp tone inspired by the famous Roland JC-120, providing an ideal platform for stereo pedals like the BOSS 500 and 200 series.

DUAL CUBE BASS LX Bass Amplifier

The DUAL CUBE BASS LX delivers big, refined bass tones from an amazingly small footprint. Five different preamp types are available, offering uncolored sounds for studio and slap playing, vintage sounds for classic styles, and aggressive modern tones for heavy genres. A variety of bass-tuned effects are also included. Like the DUAL CUBE LX, the amp features onboard memories for storing sounds and support for deeper editing via dedicated software.



Practice sessions become even more fun and productive with the powerful onboard Rhythm Guide in the DUAL CUBE BASS LX. There are nine rhythm types with three pattern variations each, spanning from a basic metronome to realistic drum grooves in rock, jazz, metal, Latin, and other styles. Using the editor software, players can explore a total of 91 rhythm variations and save their favorites in the amp.

Availability & Pricing

The DUAL CUBE LX and DUAL CUBE BASS LX amplifiers will be available in the U.S. in September for $299.99 and $359.99 respectively.

To learn more about DUAL CUBE LX and DUAL CUBE BASS LX amplifiers, visit www.boss.info.

About BOSS

BOSS, a division of Roland Corporation, has achieved legendary status among guitarists, bassists, and vocalists with a diverse, world-leading product lineup of creative tools with exceptional sound, intuitive control, and rugged durability. Since 1977, BOSS’s famous compact pedals have been used daily by everyone from beginners to touring professionals, with over 125 unique models introduced and over 17 million units sold to date. BOSS also leads the way with innovative gear in numerous other categories, from amplifiers, multi-effects processors, and loopers to wireless systems, vocal effects, tuners, metronomes, rhythm machines, recorders, and more. For more information, visit Boss.info.

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