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Blackstar Launches HT Venue MkII Series

Blackstar Launches HT Venue MkII Series

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After more than 3 years of intensive Research And Development (R&D) and market research, Blackstar are proud to release the stunning next generation of HT Venue valve amplifiers. HT Venue MkII takes this award-winning line and elevates it to a new level of sonic performance, whilst adding every major enhancement that guitarists have requested; resulting in a massively flexible feature set that is still intuitive and musician-friendly.

The mission was “simple”: improve on the sonic references of the best vintage and new valve amps on the planet, in the way Blackstar is renowned for and combine the sounds into a cohesive, creative product.

New features

  • Ground-breaking new clean channel
  • Richer, responsive Overdrives
  • All modes are footswitchable
  • Power Reduction to turn down to 10% of the amp’s rated power
  • Professional USB recording output
  • Professional features including, footswitchable boost on all channels, XLR recording DI output and a newly designed in-house studio quality reverb
  • Compact and portable

Blackstar HT Venue MkII

Video by Blackstaramps

For further information visit: https://blackstaramps.com/ht-venue-mkii/

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