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3 Sigma Audio Guitar Cab Impulses and Kemper Profiles

3 Sigma Audio Guitar Cab Impulses and Kemper Profiles

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3 Sigma Audio was founded in 2016 by Chris Lucas, Joe Quick, and Dan Lopatka. Chris Lucas and Joe Quick previously worked for Rosen Digital creating Guitar Impulse Responses. In September 2015 they decided to left Rosen Digital to start their own company –  3 Sigma Audio, a music software company dedicated to providing world class production tools.

3 Sigma Audio Guitar Cab Impulses

3 Sigma Audio Guitar Cab Impulses are recorded on world class SSL G Series Preamps and top of the line microphones. You get 10 mix ready impulses for each cabinet. Tube and Solid State variations allow you to play through an accurate or hot-rodded version of each cabinet, with the ability to blend between both. Also a manual and position information chart is included with every IR.

You can buy the impulse responses from their Website at www.3sigmaaudio.com.
With the “Customized bundle” option you get a 20% discount off your cart total by adding 6 or more cabinets!

Video: Introducing 3 Sigma Audio Guitar Impulses

3 Sigma Audio Kemper Profile Collection

Each amplifier was restored to pristine condition and sampled on top of the line industry standard microphones and preamps. 15 album ready tones give you the versatility and dynamics to cut through the mix in any genre or scenario. Out of the studio and into your rig.

Video: 3 Sigma Audio Kemper Collection

3 Sigma Audio reverb impulse library

The reverb pack includes a collection of reverb impulses of both digital reverbs and real rooms, created by Chris Lucas and Joe Quick.  You’ll find reverbs appropriate for every scenario, and a variety of instruments. You can buy the reverb pack form their website at: www.3sigmaaudio.com/reverbs/

More about 3 Sigma Audio

For more information about 3 Sigma Audio please visit their website at: www.3sigmaaudio.com

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