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The 2020 expanded range of The Cavern Club officially licensed products

The 2020 expanded range of The Cavern Club officially licensed products

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United Kingdom August 2020

The 2020 expanded range of The Cavern Club officially licensed products features all new designs, and now includes strings sets, a harmonica and drumsticks.

Established in 1957, The Cavern Club in Liverpool is said to be the most famous club in the world, ranking 9th in the list of top UK landmarks, now honoured once again with the new 2020 official The Cavern Club licensed product range aimed at musicians and fans of the Merseybeat era.

Three The Cavern Club Ukuleles called Wall, Press and Logo, are soprano sized and built from quality timbers, with smooth geared tuners and nylon strings. The 12 fret fingerboard has a 34cm scale length. Whilst these cute and very popular instruments deliver natural, warm tones, it is of course, the stunning The Cavern Club related graphics that steal the show.

The ‘Wall’ ukulele features a print of the now legendary, painted backdrop stage wall at The Cavern Club, decorated with many famous band names who have performed there. The ‘Press’ ukulele is themed with black and white photographs from the 60’s era, whilst ‘Logo’ is alive with a multi-coloured collage of The Cavern Club logos and banners. These ukuleles are ideal for beginners, intermediate players and fans of ‘all things Mersey Beat’

Ukuleles available from September 2020

A range of Guitar and Ukulele Straps have also been introduced, both built from strong polyester webbing with The Cavern Club motif designs. With a generous 2” shoulder-comfy width and a fully adjustable 63” length, these colourful guitar straps are ideal for acoustic, electric and bass guitars, whilst at 1.5″ wide and 51.5” long, the cool ukulele straps are again ablaze with the legendary club’s banners, with high-profile The Cavern Club end-pieces.

Whether you are a musician or just love anything to do with the 60’s era, the new line of high quality guitar picks, are highly collectable. Offered in 6 or 12 pack sets, each one features detailed artwork of newspaper cuttings, banners, band posters and logos related to The Cavern Club.

The good old harmonica played a major role in the success of the Brit Pop and Mersey Beat sound from the 60’s onward. The Cavern Club’s 10 hole, 10 reed Harmonica in the key of C, has a lively, bright sound quality that’s ideal for all music styles from blues to jazz, pop to rock and will liven up just about any practice or live performance. It comes complete with hardshell case, polish cloth and presentation box.

With the logo printed along the shaft, the new The Cavern Club Drumsticks are made to standard grade 5A quality and dimensions for a fast response and an easy-reach around the kit…..Beat’til you drop.

The Cavern Club 2020 Range:

  • Ukuleles: Packaged in full colour display box: £39.99 rrp
  • Guitar Straps: £17.99 rrp.
  • Ukulele Straps: £14.99 rrp.
  • Premium Picks:
    Pack of 6 £6.99 rrp.
    Pack of 12 £11.29 rrp.
  • String Sets:
    Electric Light Nickel Wound 6 string Set: £4.99 rrp.
    Acoustic Extra Light Bronze Wound 6 string Set: £5.99 rrp.
    Ukulele Nylon 4 string set: £4.99 rrp.
  • Harmonica: £8.99 rrp.
  • Drumsticks: £7.99 rrp.
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