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ZVEX Vibrophase Pedal

Brand New ZVEX Vibrophase Pedal Based on Candle Powered Candela Vibrophase

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Watery 4-stage sounds, and phase and vibrato nuances never heard before.

Minneapolis, MN – May 15, 2018 – Based on the 2016 NAMM debut of the Candela Vibrophase (the world’s only candle powered guitar pedal), ZVEX Effects releases a smaller, traditionally enclosed Vibrophase ™.  The Vibrophase ™ is designed to dramatically broaden the spectrum of textures available using the original circuitry from the Candela in a traditionally vertical enclosure. This five-knob four-stage phaser creates phase and vibrato nuances never heard before. Five knobs! Count ’em! Speed sweeps from maddeningly slow to puppy dog flippy, vibrato/phase sweeps.  Feedback sends the output back through the phaser again to raise intensity, and there are controls for the top end and bottom end of the sweep, so players can completely tailor the sound to their song.

  • Five-knob/Four-stage phaser
  • Unique phase and vibrato nuances never heard before
  • Vertical enclosure
  • Features: Speed, Vibrato/Phase, High Bias, Low Limit.
  • 2-year warranty when registered at www.zvex.com

The Vibrophase ™ is available at all reputable guitar stores everywhere or it can be purchased directly from www.zvex.com

Retail Price is $269

ZVEX Vibrophase Full Demo

Video by ZVEX Effects

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