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Vintage guitars to the rescue.

Vintage guitars to the rescue.

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When JHS heard the unsavoury news item detailing the theft of a street buskers guitar on April 17th whilst he slept outside Fragrance House, a perfume shop in Malvern Link, Worcestershire UK, they didn’t hesitate to track down the 47 year old musician known only as Philip.

Street Busker Philip: With his new Tobacco Sunburst Vintage Historic Series Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Street Busker Philip: With his new Tobacco Sunburst Vintage Historic Series Electro-Acoustic Guitar

“I woke up at about 11.30 and the guitar had been taken,” said Philip. “I’ve become quite well known performing in the area, so I didn’t expect anyone would do something like that.”

CCTV footage shows Philip asleep wrapped in blankets, as the thief silently takes the guitar which was right beside his head.


“I couldn’t believe it when it was stolen, I don’t understand why somebody would want to pinch a homeless person’s guitar. I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch, and this made me feel worse, I just can’t do without an acoustic guitar.”

As the UK’s largest independent trade distributor of musical instruments, JHS have an enormous catalogue of high-quality musical instruments and accessories, amplification and sound & light equipment.

JHS CEO Dennis Drumm says, “We thought hard for an appropriate guitar that would be ideal for Phil, settling on a recently launched ‘Historic’ Series dreadnought electro-acoustic model from our own branded Vintage® guitar series, along with a case, leather strap and Dean Markley strings.”

Philip, originally from Cape Town in South Africa, thanked JHS for their generous donation.

“When JHS contacted me to say they were dispatching one of their Vintage electro-acoustic models with accessories, I was overjoyed. I’m not an amazing guitarist but I need a decent acoustic guitar for the playability and sound, as people around here seem to like my stuff, and this guitar is ideal. Thank you JHS, your kindness is very much appreciated.”

The thief has since been arrested and Philip has his original guitar back, which he is planning to auction very soon.

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