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Vintage electric guitar ranges now CITES Free

Vintage electric guitar ranges now CITES Free

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Ahead of the recently announced regulations regarding rosewood and musical instruments, JHS are pleased to announce that all of the models within the Vintage® electric guitar and bass ranges are already CITES free.

Any models that were previously using rosewood as a fingerboard material are now shipping as standard with ‘Lignum Rosa’ – a wood material sourced and spec’d by design consultant Trev Wilkinson for its similar tonal properties.

This effectively removes any restrictions to the shipping of these instruments as they will no longer be affected by increasingly restrictive CITES regulations that govern the transportation and sale of any goods containing rosewood, making overseas sales and shipping trouble-free both for dealers and distribution partners worldwide.

Best in Show - Summer NAMM ’17

Just another reason why Vintage really deserves the Best in Show ’Gotta Stock It Award’ recently bestowed at Summer NAMM ’17!

They just have killer, killer designs. They play great, sound amazing and are really affordable. We love them.

says Gabriel O’Brien of Larry’s Music.

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