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Victory welcomes Super Sheriff Brent Hinds to the family

Victory welcomes ‘Super Sheriff’ Brent Hinds to the family

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Brent is on a mission to rid the world of tone pollution in a new video from Victory Amplification. Hinds, who just began endorsing Victory’s Super Sheriff guitar amplifier, plays an off-kilter sheriff issuing ‘tone violations’ to ‘ne’er-do-wells’ whose guitar tones don’t meet his standards. All in the name of good tone, the Mastodon guitarist crashes a band rehearsal, pulls a traffic stop, and cancels a live show. Does he have the legal authority to enforce these violations? The off-the-wall ad, which features cameos by Mlny Parsonz of Royal Thunder and stoner-doom band Order of the Owl, is produced by the video agency Newmerica, another Atlanta music staple.

The Super Sheriff Starring Brent Hinds (Mastodon)

Video by Victory Amplifiers

Victory amplification is excited to announce the new Sheriff 25 and VS100 Super Sheriff amplifiers. This family refresh updates the award-winning Sheriff family with a 25 watt compact head and combo to replace the Sheriff 22. The Sheriff 44 has been replaced with the VS100 Super Sheriff amp, this comes in two deluxe head versions, one in a regular Victory sized wooden head sleeve and the other a wide body design for 4×12 cabinets.

For more information about the Sheriff check out our website at: https://www.victoryamps.com/the-new-sheriff-family/

Sheriff 25 and VS100 Super Sheriff – Overview

Video by Victory Amplifiers


Victory Amplification was established in 2013. Their amps and pedals are proudly built in England by a committed team of engineers and craftsmen, using a modern-boutique approach to design and specification. Their head designer is Martin Kidd, who is well known in British amplification circles. There are five amp families in their current range – the Duchess, the Jack, the Copper, the Sheriff and the Kraken – plus a range of extension speaker cabinets. Victory artists include Guthrie Govan, James Bay, Richie Kotzen, Graham Coxon and now Brent Hinds!

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