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The PROFILER and the DAW – just good friends

The latest PROFILER OS 9.0 turns the PROFILER into a comprehensive Audio Interface by introducing USB-Audio connectivity for Mac, Win, iOS, etc. The PROFILER now fully functions as a recording, re-amping, and powerful DSP-based FX system for any DAW

Kemper GmbH/ Ruhr Area, Germany – June 13th, 2023 (ictw) – Today KEMPER announced PROFILER OS 9.0 and Rig Manager 3.4 for the acclaimed KEMPER Profiler guitar and FX system, currently available as a public beta from the Kemper Website.

PROFILER OS 9.0 upgrades the PROFILER to a full „studio-central ” Audio-Interface and unique re-amping solution, perfect for recording and monitoring with any DAW on Win, MacOS, and iOS. Additionally, The PROFILER works as a powerful external FX device as all the acclaimed Kemper Delay and Reverb Studio FX can be added to Vocal tracks, Drum tracks, etc.


High-Quality Conversion Hardware

The KEMPER PROFILER features pristine AD conversion for the very sensible guitar signal into the digital realm. This is now available for your recordings as well. You have to hear it to believe the difference it makes. The high-end KEMPER Input and Output stages are meticulously designed by seasoned pro-audio veterans who went for the best possible technology to guarantee perfect analog-to-digital audio conversion. The guitar input signal-to-noise ratio offers an unparalleled 127db and the PROFILER outputs provide the richest, most transparent signal to the monitor speakers and headphones.

The amazing direct, dry digitally converted guitar signal, is now also available for further creative tonal treatment in the computer. The PROFILER input stage really shines with its amazingly clear and yet warm and rich detailed guitar signal, especially with very expressive and dynamic playing. From a whisper to a scream! This is possible only by bringing together the best components with advanced noiseless amplification methods.

Introducing the unique Re-amping Command Center

Record guitar and amp tone into your DAW like never before and enjoy a unique re-amping workflow. You want to keep all your tonal options open? Just dial in your favorite rig and record the amp tone plus the dry pristine guitar DI signal. Come back later to send the DI-Track back into the PROFILER and re-amp as many tracks with different amp and FX tones as possible.

What’s more, you can, of course, use the PROFILER’s guitar input or DI track and route it to your favorite amp and FX Plug-Ins. You’ll be amazed about the improvement of the sound, richness, and lowest noise – Your Plug-Ins have never sounded that good.

And then – Marketplace and Remote Profiling

  • The PROFILER OS 9.0 also includes the new KEMPER Rig Marketplace. Built into Rig Manager it offers vendors of rig content to be visible with a „booth” on the marketplace. Very convenient for the users as the shops of their favorite rig creators are just one click away. Currently over 20 stores are listed in the marketplace and provide access to specialized rig creators from vintage, classic, modern, metal, and experimental to artist-oriented tones.
  • Rig Manager allows the Profiling process to be started and controlled remotely. This makes creating a number of profiles very easy and straightforward. The new rigs can be labeled and stored in the Rig Manager library directly.

The current public beta of PROFILER OS 9.0 is available for free from: www.kemper-amps.com/downloads

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