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TWA Krytical Mass reactive octave fuzz

TWA® releases Krytical Mass® reactive octave fuzz

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Godlyke, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the TWA® Krytical Mass® reactive octave fuzz.

Based on the vintage Maestro Bass Brassmaster, Krytical Mass® is able to capture the aggressive yet warm & organic edge of the original Brassmaster by using a unique complement of EQ and voltage manipulation controls.

Krytical Mass® spits out fat, formidable fuzz with a pronounced octave up as well as a more subtle octave down.  The fuzz is extremely responsive to playing dynamics, creating scorching, filter-like tone sweeps as notes decay.  Muted notes will “kill” the fuzz with almost gate-like precision, yielding a super-tight, synth-like pulse that is simply addictive to play.

TWA Krytical Mass reactive octave fuzz

Krytical Mass® features the following

  • Sensitivity & Fuzz Level controls adjust the intensity & output level of the fuzz
  • Dry knob adjusts the output level of the dry signal
  • HP, LP1, LP2 & MID switches turn on various EQ filters to adjust the tone of the fuzz
  • Edge control adjusts the overall brightness of the fuzz
  • Bias adjusts the voltage going to the transistors in order to fine-tune the fuzz effect.
  • Polarity switch adjusts the winding of the internal transformer from positive to negative.
  • “Critical Mass Reaction” LED array indicates effect status & can be set to cycle or steady-on
  • 9 VDC power (external power source required)
  • Mechanical True Bypass switching
  •  3-year warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Street Price $299

For more info on TWA® products including video demos of Krytical Mass®, please visit our website www.godlyke.com, or e-mail us at

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