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Dawner Prince Electronics Diktator MKII Preamp/Boost/Overdrive

Dawner Prince Electronics releases Diktator MKII

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Dawner Prince Electronics releases Diktator MKII™ Preamp/Boost/Overdrive

Zmijavci, Croatia – Sep 17, 2023 – Over a decade since the release of the original Diktator™, Dawner Prince Electronics reveals a redesign version of their first-ever pedal, completely reimagined from the ground up while preserving the original’s soulful tonal character.

Diktator MKII pedal sports two independent channels. Detonator channel is a highly flexible drive ranging from nearly clean and subtle crunch all the way to a thick saturated overdrive with a rich, full-bodied sound. Its dual toggle switches enable precise control over tonal, compression and clipping characteristics, while the two-band active tone control allows for accurate adjustments across the entire frequency range.   Fuse channel is a highly transparent preamp powered by FET technology. It enhances your guitar’s original tone, adding size and depth, while effortlessly driving your amplifier into natural overdrive with up to 30 dB of boost. When combined with the Detonator channel it really hits your amp hard, serving as an exceptional booster for lead sections and solos.


  • Input and output FET buffer stages redesigned for increased dynamic responsiveness
  • Drive channel modified into a more flexible tube amp-style overdrive
  • Active two band tone control
  • Post-drive presence control switch
  • Compression/clipping control switch
  • Audiophile-grade components, Neutrik® jack sockets and True Bypass switching system
  • Standard 9V-18V DC input power requirements

Diktator MKII preamp/boost/overdrive carries $289.95 USD MAP price and is available at Dawner Prince Electronics web store and worldwide dealers.

Dawner Prince Electronics Diktator MKII Preamp/Boost/Overdrive

About Dawner Prince Electronics

Dawner Prince Electronics, founded in 2009, is a premier company renowned for crafting high-end guitar effects pedals and music electronics. Their innovative engineering and meticulous handmade production have established them as a top-tier boutique guitar effects brand, setting new industry standards with a commitment to excellence.

For more information visit dawnerprince.com

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