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T-Rex Introduces Replicator Module | Eurorack Analog Tape Echo Module

T-Rex Introduces Replicator Module | Eurorack Analog Tape Echo Module

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December 20, 2016 – Less than a year after launching its Replicator analog tape echo pedal, Danish pedal manufacturer T-Rex Effects is introducing the Replicator Module – a Eurorack version of the sought-after effect unit.

Housed in a compact 44HP Eurorack module, Replicator Module uses much of the same technology as found in the stompbox version, but certain parameters and features have been optimized for modular use, creating a synth/studio-friendly version of the Replicator.

New CV inputs accept 0-5V control signals, allowing users to plug in their favorite oscillator module and control delay time and/or feedback electronically. A new filter switch dampens high frequency content in the delay signal for less noise and a darker echo sound. Additionally, the unit’s power requirement has been modified to the +/-12V Eurorack standard.

Both the original Replicator and Replicator Module feature 100% analog echoes and signal path, with delay time governed by a digitally-controlled motor. In addition to standard delay time and feedback controls, Replicator offers a Head selector switch which alternates between three repeat modes (long, short, and hybrid), a Chorus control for subtle pitch modulation of the echoes, a Saturation control for driving the repeats, a Kill Dry switch for parallel processing , and the convenience of Tap Tempo control.

Like its stompbox sibling, Replicator Module is handmade in Denmark, and uses a durable, easily replaceable BASF C30 1/8″ chrome tape cassette (2 cassettes are included; additional cassettes are sold separately).

USA Street Price: $899.00
Shipping: January 2017

Visit t-rex-effects.com/replicator-module for additional information.

About T-Rex Effects

Based in Vejle, Denmark, T-Rex Effects makes classic and signature effect pedals for the world’s best musicians. The company’s approach blends hi-tech innovation with old-world craftsmanship – always in the service of killer tone.

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