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Supro Fuzz, Drive and Boost pedals NOW SHIPPING

Supro Pedals NOW SHIPPING to Dealers

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April 4th, 2016 (Port Jefferson Station, NY) – Supro USA has begun shipping three vintage-inspired, state-of-the-art guitar pedals that all feature authentic Supro tone: 1305 Drive, 1304 Fuzz and 1303 Boost.

Supro Drive

Supro Drive is a groundbreaking analog pedal that re-creates the circuitry of a Supro amp from end to end, including an actual output transformer. Harnessing the expertise developed through re-imagining and successfully manufacturing the 1960’s Supro tube amplifier lineup, Supro USA has captured the legendary magic of a Supro tube amp by completely re-thinking stompbox design. Rather than approximating the sound of the amps using standard techniques, engineer Thomas Elliott created an all-new circuit which mimics every aspect of the Supro tube amp. This unique approach yields the most realistic-sounding overdrive pedal ever made—with greater range of gain, dynamics and natural compression than the Tube Screamer, Klon or any of their many derivatives. The pedal offers Volume, Gain and Tone knobs as well as a toggle switch to select between the different windings of the custom, multi-tapped output transformer—either for high-headroom BOLD sounds, or more compressed, high-gain RICH tones. Taking the overdrive pedal platform one step further, Supro Drive offers a TRS port for expression pedal control of the GAIN knob. With the expression pedal in use, the on-board GAIN knob sets the maximum value while a user-adjustable, internal trimmer sets the minimum gain setting.

Supro 1305 Drive Demo

Supro Boost

Supro Boost is a J-FET based pedal that delivers up to 20dB of noiseless gain boost plus optional High Pass or Low Pass filtering to contour your sound. Simple, straight-forward and effective, the Supro Boost pedal remains clean and sweet at all settings, no matter how hard you push it with other pedals earlier in the chain. The Supro Boost also remains frequency linear as the gain is adjusted, allowing users to set the desired level of boost without sacrificing overall tone or having to adjust their amp’s EQ settings to compensate. The Supro Boost pedal sports a simple control layout with a single Volume knob and an oversized toggle switch to select BRIGHT, FLAT or DARK overall frequency response. The BRIGHT mode enables a 6dB / octave HP (high pass) filter. This setting is useful for thinning out humbucker guitars when adding boost to increase sparkle and prevent mud. The DARK mode enables a 6dB / octave LP (low pass) filter. This setting is useful for fattening up single coil guitars when adding boost to increase warmth and prevent harshness. Taking the boost pedal one step further, the Supro Boost offers a TRS port for expression pedal control of the VOLUME knob. This effectively turns the Supro Boost pedal into a high-fidelity, active volume pedal with user adjustable minimum and maximum settings. With the expression pedal in use, the on-board VOLUME knob sets the maximum value while a user-adjustable, internal trimmer sets the minimum volume.

Supro 1303 Boost Demo

Supro Fuzz

Supro Fuzz combines the ruthless sustain of a silver box Big Muff with the harmonic signature of a Tone Bender MkII and the unrivaled touch dynamics of a germanium Fuzz Face. The Supro Fuzz takes this “best-of-all-worlds” approach to old school fuzz using an N.O.S. Germanium transistor in the first stage, followed by secondary, silicon-based gain and a dash of our special sauce to create a low-noise, high-gain fuzz box that will leave you deaf and breathless. Whether you’re looking for a touch-sensitive, vintage 60’s flavor or a full-on wall of modern sonic destruction, the Supro Fuzz delivers the goods while keeping your noise floor amazingly low. The pedal’s simple control layout includes Volume, Gain, Treble and Bass knobs. The independent EQ found on this pedal is drawn from the award-winning tone stack found in Supro’s flagship tube amplifiers, offering a huge range of adjustability without the limitations of a more traditional one-knob EQ design. Both Bass and Treble controls are capable of cutting or boosting within their respective frequency bands, with each control designed to deliver the widest possible range of usable tones while remaining musical at all settings. Taking the fuzz pedal one step further, the Supro Fuzz offers a TRS port for expression pedal control of the TREBLE knob. With the expression pedal in use, the on-board TREBLE knob sets the maximum value, allowing guitarists to accentuate or tame the abundant high frequency content of the fuzz sound.

Supro 1304 Fuzz Demo

All three new Supro pedals are hand-assembled in Port Jefferson, NY, USA featuring custom-tooled, anodized, brushed-aluminum enclosures, 9V battery or AC-powered operation, rear-mounted metal jacks, easy-access side-mounted battery drawer, noiseless (click-free) true-bypass switching and unique, expression pedal functionality.

Boost and Fuzz will street for $199 USD each, and Drive will go for $219 USD. All three pedals are available now.

Strange Brew – Supro Pedals Overview Demo

Supro USA

For more information, please visit the official Supro Website at www.suprousa.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/suprousa
Twitter: www.twitter.com/suprousa (@SuproUSA)
Instagram: @SuproUSA

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