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Supro Big Star 2x12 and Titan cabinet

Supro Big Star 2×12 and Titan cabinet

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The award winning Supro amplification range has once again expanded with two new products now shipping across Europe from this iconic brand.

The Supro 1688T Big Star (1688T £1499 UK rrp) is a 25 watt, all tube Class A combo amplifier, fitted with a pair of custom designed 12” speakers.

With two channels wired in parallel (automatically linked when using input one) for that instantly recognisable classic Supro tone, the bass EQ on the first channel is voiced approximately one octave below the second channel, which when combined gives a huge, wide ranging sound that captures all the complex tonal characteristics of this top-of-the-line Supro amp. This easy to use input scheme allows two instruments to share the same amp and channel switching via a simple A/B box.

The inbuilt tube-powered tremolo’s lush, swampy tones will blow your mind whilst the amps Class A power section provides generous amounts of tube saturation, easily controlled via your guitar’s volume knob.

Meanwhile, the Supro Titan Extension Cabinet (1742 £389 UK rrp) is designed to complement the Titan 1×10 Combo amplifier (1642RT £1299 UK rrp). With its Supro HP12 8 ohm hemp cone speaker designed by Eminence, this 75 watt closed back cabinet turns your Supro Combo into a powerful mini stack,  with the option of a matching pair for those using stereo pedal set ups.

Visit your local Supro dealer to check out this classic reissued range.

Supro USA

For more information, please visit the official Supro Website at www.suprousa.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/suprousa
Twitter: www.twitter.com/suprousa
Instagram: @SuproUSA

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