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SNARK ‘Super-Tight’ tuners get 2016 upgrade

SNARK ‘Super-Tight’ tuners get 2016 upgrade

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The boffins at SNARK have unveiled a relaunch of their range of clip-on guitar, bass, violin, ukulele and chromatic tuners.

Featuring an upgraded, faster chip, the new tuners will provide even higher accuracy, with new high resolution LCD screen viewable from any angle.

What’s more the new QTSN8HZ ‘Super-Tight’ all instrument tuner includes an Hz tuning display for superb accuracy to within 1/10th of an Hertz.

The new SNARK range (prices UK rrp) :

ST2 Chromatic all instrument Tuner£16.99
ST8 Super Tight all instrument Tuner£19.99
ST8HZ Hertz all instrument Tuner£22.99
SN1X Chromatic Tuner/Metronome£18.99
SN5X Guitar, Bass & Violin Tuner£16.99
SN6X Ukulele Tuner£16.99

In addition, SNARK have launched a series of social media and are looking for musicians worldwide to publish their pictures and videos using SNARK tuners, metronomes and plectrums. You can hook up with them at the following platforms –




Available from all good music stores, check out the SNARK range today – the best tuner in the world just got better!

For more information please visit www.snarktuners.com

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