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Sheptone Debuts New 53mm Upshot Bridge Humbucker Guitar Pickup

Sheptone Debuts New 53mm Upshot Bridge Humbucker Guitar Pickup

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Modern Design Delivering Vintage Tones

SAN MARCOS, CA — With the new Upshot 53mm bridge humbucker pickup for electric guitar, Sheptone incorporates modern design elements to bridge the old and new, delivering vintage tones and incredible sound. Celebrating a decade in business, Sheptone has earned its reputation for high-quality vintage and boutique electric guitar pickups. The longtime #1 seller off the custom shop’s “secret menu” has been a vintage sounding 53. Thus, inspired by the top-selling Tribute bridge humbucker, the Upshot stays true to its name—the “upshot” or outcome of years of experience—while adding modern flair to Sheptone’s vintage lineup.

Handmade in the U.S.A. with AlNiCo 5 magnets and 42 plain enamel wire, Sheptone’s humbuckers buck the traditional hum of a single-coil pickup. Quiet, reliable, and versatile, they can be used in any genre of playing. Because the coil is just a bit wider, the dc has been reading around 9.3. The Upshot has the distinction of being a 4-wire humbucker, instead of the vintage 2-wire allowing players to split coils – further expand their tone pallet. Another unique feature of the Upshot is its short feet. Shorter feet are better suited for the sleeker, low-profile guitar models that today’s customers are seeking and guitar builders are making.

Players know that new pickups can breathe new life into their guitar, let alone just improve tone and enhance playability. The Upshot bridge humbucker is wired to please Sheptone’s loyal fans and earn the trust of new customers who seek a reliable upgrade.

Learn more about the Upshot and Sheptone’s family of guitar pickups at www.sheptone.com.

Retail $125 USD

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