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Sessionwire Collaborative Social Media Platform for Musicians

Sessionwire Collaborative Social Media Platform for Musicians

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Sessionwire Releases the First, Easy-to-Use Collaborative Social Media Platform for Musicians

A truly live online collaboration tool for creators to connect music creators across the world:  Live Audio Connections. Easily. Anywhere.

January 23, 2019 – Winter NAMM Booth 1840, Hall E – Sessionwire Communication Inc. is proud to release their updated online collaborative creation, social media and sharing platform for musicians, songwriters and producers: www.sessionwire.com. Sessionwire is the first live online music production environment that comes with a growing community of like-minded musicians and creators, and enables musicians to work with their own macOS recording software and connect with other musicians and producers anywhere in the world. Sessionwire is now available as a subscription service and offers a 14-day trial period. A full membership subscription to Sessionwire is $15 monthly or $150 annually. After the trial, Guest members can continue enjoy the use of the software for free, however there is no outbound calling available for Guest members.

Sessionwire Social Media Platform for Musicians

Live Audio Connections. Easily. Anywhere.

Create and record live with other music creators over the web, regardless of location. The member portal at www.sessionwire.com provides registered members with a profile and the ability to network and connect with other Sessionwire users. Once members have an account they may download the proprietary Sessionwire Studio app for MacOS and do any or ALL of the following:

  • Stream live, studio-quality audio between MacOS recording apps
  • Connect with other music makers using live video, voice and text chat
  • Manage online session flow with studio-style talkback
  • Build a personal brand with a Sessionwire Profile
  • Share files directly using secure, direct, drag-and-drop file transfer
  • Conduct Live, interactive songwriting sessions with others from around the globe, or produce live bands remotely
  • Coach producers, or be coached by producers at another location
  • Conduct talent auditions remotely
  • Receive or teach vocal, guitar or other music instrument lessons in real-time
  • Review/Supervise live mix sessions, compositions, writing sessions and mastering sessions
  • Record or manage voice-over production, overdubs, podcasts and more
  • Save money on travel expenses, time, and expensive software or hardware production from another location

“We are the first to offer a truly live collaboration tool that provides an easy to use, studio-style collaboration experience that is combined with a social networking platform for connecting with other music producers around the world. We built Sessionwire to break down barriers between music creators and to provide them with tools that lets them save time, travel, money and reconnect with one another in a truly human way.”

Robin Leboe, Sessionwire Communication Inc.’s Founder

Sessionwire will connect the musicians of the world like nothing else before. Sessionwire looks like a dream becoming real for ‘caveman’ musicians like me, who need simplicity to connect on the recording format they are using – to finally be able to instantly connect and share music files on the internet. I’d love to eliminate sending MP3s via email to other musicians to put into their DAW and have the file changed. Only then, to get their performance sent back to me as an MP3 and have to drop it into my DAW (which is GarageBand). The fact that you keep Sessionwire LIVE is an amazing approach.”  Says Sessionwire user Randy Bachman, from The Guess Who, Bachman-Turner-Overdrive, Randy’s Vinyl Tap and more

Eric Parker and Adrian Crutchfield using Sessionwire in Logic
Eric Parker and Adrian Crutchfield using Sessionwire in Logic

Easy to use and affordable for everyone

Sessionwire’s low subscription pricing offers access to a wide spectrum of music makers. Sessionwire Guest accounts also allow session guests to connect for free!

  • 14-day fully functional trial period. No credit card required!
  • All Sessionwire Studio features for $15 USD / Month
  • All Sessionwire Studio features with an annual discount, $150 USD per Year
  • Guest memberships are free and can receive calls from subscribers!

To learn more about Sessionwire and to check out testimonials from musicians who are actively using the platform, please visit: www.sessionwire.com

About Sessionwire Communications Inc

Sessionwire is taking a fresh new approach to the challenges of web-based musical collaboration by providing a truly live, remote production environment for its members. Sessionwire combines a web app with key social networking features and a macOS app that offers live video chat and studio quality audio connections between platform members, regardless of the type of macOS recording software they use. Sessionwire provides an affordable, live collaboration experience, second only to being in the same room at the same time. For more information, please visit www.Sessionwire.com

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