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Samsystems UK appoint Rikstone Amplifiers as OEM / Distribution / Installation Station for Finland

Samsystems UK appoint Rikstone Amplifiers as OEM / Distribution / Installation Station for Finland

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Rikstone’s role will combine the distribution of Samsytems’s Integral close cab miking units, whilst also offering the product as an OEM option within all Rikstone hand-built guitar speaker combos. Rikstone will also act as an Installation Station installing Integral within customer’s existing equipment.

Offered in 10in and 12in models, Integral has gained recognition around the world as a compact, problem-solving, alternative method of close cab miking. Installed inside a speaker cabinet and held in place by the speaker itself, Integral eradicates overspill problems, offers a clutter free stage void of mic stands, whilst delivering the true ‘analogue’ speaker sound characteristics, onward to recording desks or FOH PA via an on-board super cardioid mic.

Operating from the south of Finland, founder member and owner of Rikstone Amplifiers, Risto Kivioja, manufactures an extensive range of high-end, valve driven guitar and bass amplifiers from 5w to 100w, whilst offering musicians a highly efficient repair and maintenance service.

Samsystems Director Richard Smith says, “We are thrilled and delighted to welcome Rikstone Amplifiers into the Samsystem’s family, to represent our Integral close cab miking system in Finland. We look forward to Rikstone Amplifiers showcasing our brand, the company’s forward-thinking approach aligns to many of the requests we have experienced in the Finnish market.”

Rikstone CEO, Risto Kivioja comments,
“I thank Samsystems for this opportunity to represent the Integral close miking system in Finland and offer our customers a well-designed and innovative product within the amplifiers I manufacture. I already have experience of installing Integral and the results are purely positive.”

For more information contact:

+44(0)7974 387063

+358 40 5479757

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