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Ruokangas 3d Guitar Creator

Ruokangas 3D Guitar Creator

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Configurator Taken To The Next Level

Introducing Guitar Creator, a unique tool for all guitar lovers alike to get inspired and to configure every detail of your dream guitar in a 3D animated environment. Download now for iPad as well for Mac and Windows computers.

iPad App Store: Search for Guitar Creator
Computers: Download links here

All of us guitar lovers share a common challenge: If I want a custom guitar made specifically for me, how do I go about it? How can I visualize what my future guitar will be like? What if nothing like it has been made before or there’s no photos of it? The Guitar Creator solves this challenge in an intuitive and inspiring way.

With the Guitar Creator you can become the designer of your dream guitar yourself. You can tailor the specs exactly the way you want from our carefully curated options selection down to such details as choosing the pickups, bindings, neck profile, fret size and much more. You can even pick your favourite arctic birch top from our actual tonewood library. With the Guitar Creator, what you see in the app is indeed what you will get in real life, down to the finest detail.

Guitar Creator features include:

  • 3D animated Ruokangas guitar models
  • Choose your favourite top colour
  • Select an individual top wood from our actual wood inventory
  • Matching back colour options for each top colour
  • Glossy and satin finish options
  • Many pickup configurations and wirings to choose from
  • Neck profiles and fret sizes
  • Fretboard wood material options
  • Fret marker and inlay options
  • Nickel and gold plated hardware options
  • Choose between locking and non-locking tuners
  • Various bridge options
  • Bindings, knobs, and other small details
  • Up-to-date guitar pricing info available in the app
  • Send quote requests to the Ruokangas workshop

Ruokangas 3d Guitar Creator | Video

Video by Ruokangas Guitars

About Ruokangas

Ruokangas Guitars is a custom guitar workshop established in 1995 by master luthier Juha Ruokangas. Juha’s instruments are regarded in various books, magazines and countless independent sources as some of the finest in the world. Each and every Ruokangas instrument is handmade by a small team of highly skilled luthiers in the heart of southern Finland.
More information: https://ruokangas.com/

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