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Rock Stock Pedals Skyline Reverb V2

New Skyline Reverb pedal pushes spring reverb into new ambient spaces

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Rock Stock Pedals Skyline Reverb V2 Out Now

Columbus, Indiana – December 5, 2016 – Rock Stock Pedals is taking spring reverb to new ambient spaces with the Skyline reverb V2 with independent drive circuit.

Rock Stock Pedals Skyline Reverb V2

The Skyline is a spring style reverb. The level adjusts the volume of the wet signal (reverb). The tone control is a high pass filter which only affects the reverb itself allowing you to blend the reverb with a brighter guitar tone while not getting in the way of the dry signal. The drive circuit allows you to add overdrive to the reverb trails pushing the wet signal even further and creating some harsh reflections and the decay controls the length of the reverb trails. The Skyline is the perfect tool for adding some life to your tone.

  • Level, tone, drive & decay controls
  • Independent drive circuit drives wet (reverb) signal
  • Standard 9VDC power
  • Buffered bypass with trails
  • Hand made in Columbus, IN

Retail Price: $169.00

Rock Stock Pedals Skyline Reverb – DEMO

Video by Victor Hugo Targino

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