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Rock Stock Pedals Bright Switch

Rock Stock Pedals Announces the New Bright Switch™ USB Pedal board / Utility Light

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Rock Stock Pedals Bright Switch

Don’t let poorly lit venues affect your performance. Need to see your pedals? Set list? The Bright Switch™ pedal board light from Rock Stock is the solution. With the new dual USB design you can light things up and charge your iPhone, iPad or other USB device at the same time. Have a larger pedal board? Use 2 LED lamps and double your coverage. Use your pedal power supply lead from 9-24VDC and it will be converted to proper 5V USB power. For devices requiring more current than your power supply can handle, a higher current power adapter is included.

  • Small footprint
  • 2 USB Connections (switched and always on)
  • Indicator LED for switched connection
  • Will convert 9-24VDC to 5V USB power
  • Includes Mighty Bright® USB LED Light
  • 9V 2A power supply included

Retail Price: $49.00

Online Shop: www.rockstockpedals.com

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