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Red Witch Falcor Limited Edition Pedal Collection

Red Witch releases the new FALCOR pedal collection

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New Zealand guitar effects company Red Witch has released a new collection of 60 “one-of one” limited edition pedals: The FALCOR.

Designer Ben Fulton explains:

“The new Falcor pedal is an opportunity for guitarists and bass players to own a pedal that no one else has. Each Falcor has it’s own unique iteration of the circuit and it’s own unique artwork. Each of the collection of 60 pedals is a genuine one of kind pedal. No one else will have the same sounding or looking Falcor.”

Falcor is a modulation pedal – an all analog chorus styled device featuring a NOS MN3007 BBD. Falcor offers a unique resonance control allowing owners to shift the response of the chorus pedal into the realms of flanger and almost ring modulation tones.

Fulton explains the origin of the name, “Some folks will be aware that my Dad passed away in September. He was a lovely, kind man. When my kids were little they called him Falcor – after the luck dragon in the film The Never Ending Story. Each artwork on each of the Falcor pedals is based upon a photo of Dad that I love. I designed this pedal as a tribute to him.”

Each Falcor will come with a certificate of Authenticity and a lifetime warranty. Every pedal will be built by Ben Fulton at his home workshop and is numbered and signed by him.

FALCOR has controls for Velocity, Depth, Mix and Resonance. Each individual pedal will have it’s own unique internal master delay time setting and tonal response.

Red Witch Falcor Limited Edition Pedal Collection

Players wanting to have something truly special that no one else has should not miss out on this limited opportunity.

Falcor is only available from https://redwitchpedals.com/products/falcor-limited-edition-modulator

The video demo of the Falcor is viewable here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNChZh3LCYY

Falcor will be available until supply is exhausted.

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