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Rainger FX Dwarf Bleep Fuzz Pedal

Rainger FX Dwarf Bleep Fuzz Pedal

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The Rainger FX Dwarf Bleep is a full-on fuzz pedal, and a development from the Dr Freakenstein’s Dwarf, which is the joint best seller for Rainger FX, along with the big Dr Freakenstein Fuzz DRFF-3.

It has the same built in noise-gate, the hi-pass phaser/bit crusher capabilities – all controllable in real-time with the dual sensitivity Igor pressure pad (hand or foot operated). However, the Rainger FX Dwarf Bleep also has a ‘bleep edge’ that appears at the start and end of each note – the pitch of it fully tunable by knob or Igor. The speed of the bleeping is also user-adjustable, and it can be easily changed back to a ‘regular Dwarf’ mode using the trim pot accessible through a hole in the baseplate. There’s also a ‘signal present’ LED indicator and a wider frequency response than the Dwarf.

The Dwarf Bleep comes in a unique custom-designed enclosure which is 0.5mm narrower than standard mini-pedal enclosures. All the sockets are mounted on the top end panel, so if you have a space 41.5mm wide on your pedalboard, the Dwarf Bleep will slot right in. No extra room is needed for side-mounting jack plugs – a unique feature among mini-pedals.

The The Rainger FX Dwarf Bleep is true-bypass, a deeply cool original pedal with a wide palette of sounds, manufactured in the UK.


  • Monster distortion in a mini package
  • Harmonic overtones controlled either by knob, or by Igor- a unique dual-sensitivity foot-controlled pressure pad
  • Comes with an Igor foot-controller – with two available pressure sensitivities
  • Extra trimpot – adjusted by screwdriver (not supplied) – for full-on fuzz-bleep weirdness!
  • Built-in noise gate
  • Hi/Lo intensity button
  • Volume thumbwheel
  • All sockets on top end panel – No side sockets taking up pedalboard space
  • True bypass
  • 6” Width (41.5mm)
  • DC 9V Power center negative (not included)
  • Black leatherette paint finish for extra protection
  • True Bypass Switching and LED Indication

About Rainger FX

Set up by David Rainger in 2009, Rainger FX is a north-west London-based guitar effects company, designing and building new kinds of effects pedals for today’s electric guitarists.

Rainger FX is aiming to provide new sounds inspired by music around right now, with a totally distinctive visual style and use. Pedals should sound great, be totally reliable, and be fun. They like LEDs a lot – and a visual representation of the sound (from a basic on/off indicator upwards) is very important. And if the whole thing can be done simply – then that’s best of all.

For more information please visit: www.raingerfx.com

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