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Pure Tone Multi-Contact Input Jack

Pure Tone Multi-Contact Output Jack

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WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ – Pure Tone Technologies and AP International are proud to announce the release of the new Pure Tone Output Jack.  Designed to address the many problems native to the standard 19th century jack design, the Pure Tone jack contains dual tension grounds and dual positive tips for optimal signal and lowest possible noise. Greater surface area at all contact points creates a more stable connection, locking the cable securely in place and carrying more signal; as a result, high and low frequencies are greatly improved creating a much more balanced sound while eliminating frequency spikes. Most importantly, the Pure Tone Jack eliminates the infamous “crackle” noise caused by pressure grounds.

Pure Tone Technologies is the brainchild of Dave Linsk, lead guitarist of the international recording group Overkill.  The jack was created as a result of constant failures of the current production jack models that have been available on the market until now.  Road-tested and market-ready, this jack is built to withstand the everyday abuse that causes traditional jacks to fail.

Pure Tone Multi-Contact Input Jack

AP International, distributors of Floyd Rose, Babicz Full Contact Hardware, KTS Titanium, Haramis Musical Hardware, and more are pleased to be taking on the exclusive distribution of the product.  With over 40 years specializing in guitar hardware in the music industry, the Pure Tone Jack is a fitting and welcome addition to the other lines carried by the company.

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