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Providence PEC-4V

Providence Releases PEC-4V

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The successor of the Providence PEC-04 is finally here!

North Hollywood, CA – December 5th, 2016 – Providence has introduced a new programmable Effects Controller with Vitalizer and four Provolt9 DC9V outputs, PEC-4V.

Main Features

  • Four programmable effect loops (3 series + 1 separate) in a compact unit measuring only 290mm wide x 70mm deep.
  • Up to four combinations of the four loops can be programmed and recalled instantly in the PROGRAM mode.
  • The four loops can be directly turned on or off individually in the DIRECT mode.
  • 80mm footswitch spacing for easy operation.
  • Four DC9V outputs (400mA total) features the circuit of Providence’s high quality Power Supply, Provolt9.
  • Employs the Vitalizer IN for stable sound quality in different routing situations.
  • Extra bright LED indicators with high visibility lenses.

Vitalizer Input (VZ IN)

The Vitalizer circuit fed by this input “fortifies” the relatively weak guitar or bass signal without changing the signal level so that it is less susceptible to degradation.

DC9V Output/Provolt9

Each of these output connectors can supply up to 100mA (a total of 400mA for all 4 outputs) of regulated DC 9V power. If any of the Provolt9 DC outputs are accidentally shorted, its Short Protection & Auto Recovery feature protects the internal circuitry from damage while keeping all other outputs active. When the cause of the short is removed, the affected output will recover automatically and normal DC supply will resume. Double Filtering on each of the Provolt9 outputs ensures exceptionally clean power supply. Clean power is essential for high-resolution, refined sound.

The PEC-4V carries street prices of $449.00 in the USA. They will be available at select retailers, EMG Pickups and can also be purchased directly from Providence AMERICA’s online store at www.providence-ltd.com with free shipping to the customers in the USA.

About Providence

Providence manufactures top quality cables and pedals since 1996. Our goal is to create instruments that enable all artists to focus on performance by releasing them from any stress that may occur in any environment. All Providence products are made to provide solutions to situations that musicians, recording engineers, and tour staffs encounter in their work.

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