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Ed Sheeran, Olivia Rodrigo And Wolf Alice Tours Use Porter & Davies

Ed Sheeran, Olivia Rodrigo And Wolf Alice Tours Use Porter & Davies

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The Brand Welcomes More Drummers Using Their Silent Tactile Monitors

Porter & Davies are delighted to welcome new additions to their ever growing family: Joel Amey of Wolf Alice, Jack Lawrence-Brown with White Lies, Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer and many more.

Joel Amey (Wolf Alice) Credit David Phillips
Joel Amey (Wolf Alice) Credit David Phillips

Joel Amey, of multi award winning band Wolf Alice, has recently purchased not one, but THREE BC2s. This light, portable, tough tactile monitor allows him to feel and experience what he plays with unparalleled response and sensitivity. Carl Griffin, Wolf Alice Tech and Monitor Engineer said:

It was instantly a game changer. Can’t express how much I love those things! Joel was instantly more comfortable on the kit and with monitoring too.’

Jack Lawrence-Brown, drummer with arena band White Lies and Ashton Irwin drummer with 5 Seconds of Summer also now use BC2s. Others include, Ben Barter (Lorde), Mikey Randon (Bruce Foxton), Drew McKeon (Michael Bolton), Børge Fjordheim (Session Drummer), Jeremy Hoenig (Melvin Seals) Bruce Briggz (Cirque Du Soleil), Dave Anderson (The South) and Ben Anderson (North to Nashville) who also purchased a Porter & Davies Gigster.

Drew McKeon (Michael Bolton)

Mark Pusey, long term session drummer for Ed Sheeran will be joining him on his world tour for the first time. The production team of the 2022 Brit Awards Songwriter of the Year, purchased the BC2rm for Pusey to use on the tour. It has the same features as the BC2 but has been designed in a 2U 19” rack-mount layout.

Purchasers of TT6 Equipped Thrones, both round and saddle formats include Chris Reeve, drummer for Avril Lavigne, the multi Grammy Award nominated singer. He recently recorded her new album Love Sux and will be accompanying her on her world tour using his saddle throne. Talking about his TT6 Equipped Throne Reeve said: ‘The TT6 has just been incredible. I could never go back. It’s a whole body experience that has me so connected with my drums it’ll be sad to play without it. So thank you so much guys. I’m ultra-proud to be part of the Porter & Davies fam.’

Veteran drummer, Sean Moore of festival headliners Manic Street Preachers, Jim Macaulay (The Stranglers), Steve Rodford (The Zombies) and Gunner Olsen will also be using their TT6 Equipped Thrones for a busy summer of festivals and tours. With the Porter & Davies bespoke 1000W TT6 super transducer the thrones have all the sensitivity, speed, dynamic range and punch of the Porter & Davies regular ones with the added advantage that they can be driven by a stage amp from the monitor desk position.

Moa Munoz, bass player with Grammy Award winner, Olivia Rodrigo, named Woman of the Year 2022 by Billboard magazine, now uses a KT Platform. The KT Platform is a highly versatile piece of kit, used by bass players, keyboardists, guitarists and DJs. It is a portable platform musicians can stand on to feel and hear their playing internally. Users can choose to monitor their own instrument, or a mix from the monitor board.

To find out more about Porter & Davies and to purchase their hand-assembled products please go to https://www.porteranddavies.co.uk/.

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