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ddrum Vinnie Paul Snakeskin Stick Bag

ddrum Vinnie Paul Snakeskin Stick Bag

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ddrum Glides into Style with Vinnie Paul Snakeskin Stick Bag

TAMPA, FL — ddrum introduces the Vinnie Paul Snakeskin Stick Bag, helping drummers glide into their next gig with style. The deluxe-sized stick bag offers much more than its eye-catching snakeskin outer cover, providing ample stick sleeves and storage pockets. A signature accessory of a drumming legend, the Vinnie Paul Snakeskin Stick Bag is a well-made addition to any drummer’s arsenal.

Vinnie Paul is revered as one of the greatest metal drummers of all time. He built his reputation as a groove metal drummer who made a living pummeling audiences around the world on whatever stage he played with Pantera, Damageplan and Hellyeah. Vinnie’s ability to balance lyrical drum work with unrelenting power made his sound truly original, and he’s credited for helping to transform metal music in the 90s, pushing the genre toward sharper edges and deeper grooves. Vinnie brought a unique style not only to his playing, by mixing electronic and acoustic sounds, but also to his persona, by blending rocker and rancher and completing his look with snakeskin boots. ddrum tips a cowboy hat in honor of the legend with this signature bag, which includes a Vinnie Paul badge on the front and signature logo inside.

However, it’s not just the signature style that makes the Vinnie Paul Snakeskin Stick Bag an asset. Inside, players will find four sleeves that are deep enough for any stick size, including felt mallets or wire brushes. The bag’s inner fabric is sleek and smooth, so players can easily grab a replacement stick when needed. Two inner pockets serve as storage for smaller items, such as drum keys, gels, and earbuds, while two roomier outer pockets provide space for larger items, such as a drum tuner, notebook, pens/pencils, or even personal items, such as car keys or a phone.

Players simply use the adjustable floor tom hooks to secure the stick bag to the drum lugs. When it’s time to go, each compartment of the stick bag has rugged zippers, so players can pack up quickly and confidently. As a finishing touch, the bag’s top carrying handle is sheathed in the appealing snakeskin cover.

Sleek, stylish, and rugged, the Vinnie Paul Snakeskin Stick Bag is a signature accessory thoroughly equipped for drumming needs and priced at MSRP $39.

Learn more and get a closer look at www.ddrum.com.

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