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Peavey Electronics Celebrates 55 Years of Business

Peavey Electronics Celebrates 55 Years of Business

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MERIDIAN, MSPeavey Electronics® celebrates the 55th Anniversary of its founding on June 1, 1965. Forged in the birthplace of the blues, Peavey began during one of the most dynamic and groundbreaking years in rock music history. During this 55th Anniversary celebration, Peavey reflects on its history as well as music’s powerful ability to overcome barriers and unite people.

Over the past 55 years, music has been the common thread that unites communities during challenging times. Passion for music and love for people who make music is what continues to drive Hartley Peavey, and he’s always strived to share that joy with others. As documented in “The Peavey Revolution” by Ken Achard, by 1980 Peavey had become one of the top manufacturing companies in Mississippi, and the company was offering good jobs to all.

Peavey Headquarters Entrance

To grow the Peavey organization into what it is today, Hartley looked past divisions and saw what united people—their shared passion for music and their enthusiasm to work in an exciting, growing company. Success as an organization is achieved only by recognizing the humanity of others and embracing their diversity. As Hartley likes to say, “Peavey is a company that doesn’t just build things—we build people.”

“Peavey is a company that doesn’t just build things—we build people.”

During this 55th Anniversary celebration, the family-owned-and-operated company continues to launch new products and solutions Powered by Peavey™. Ushering in an exciting new chapter of growth is the Peavey Commercial Audio division, offering pro-audio solutions for venues worldwide, Peavey’s robust DJ platform continuing to make a positive impact in communities through battle sponsorship and youth programs, and its musical instrument division where new products aim to bridge the past with the future.

Peavey thanks customers for their continued loyalty and support over the last 55 years. Everyone is invited to connect with Peavey on the company’s social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. For the latest product news and announcements, visit www.peavey.com.

About Peavey Electronics ®

Founded in 1965, Peavey® is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of musical instruments and professional sound equipment. Peavey has earned more than 180 patents and distributes to more than 130 countries. Peavey and its MediaMatrix®, Architectural Acoustics®, Crest Audio®, Composite Acoustics®, Budda®, and Trace Elliot® brands and affiliates can be found on concert stages and in airports, stadiums, theme parks, and other venues around the world. Chief Operating Officer Courtland Gray says, “We are striving every day to produce the world’s finest music and audio equipment.” To find out more, visit www.peavey.com.

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