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Ovationguitars.com Is Revised For 2019 And Beyond

Ovation revised their website for 2019

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Ovationguitars.com Is Revised For 2019 And Beyond

(Nov 27th, 2018 – Oxnard, CA) Legendary guitar brand Ovation is proud to announce version 2.0 of its comprehensive website. The updated site showcases the complete line of electric/acoustic instruments, as well as Adamas strings. Contemporary and mobile friendly, it’s packed with new features and much improved navigation.

Ovation fans can now search by product type allowing them to find complete instrument information with ease. Every guitar, bass and mandolin has its own page, which includes the latest technical specifications, detailed product description, color swatches and images from multiple angles. Many of the instrument pages also include case recommendations.

Visitors can see the latest news by visiting the updated artist page, signing up for the Ovation newsletter, discovering dealer locations and more. Video content will be added on a regular basis and the brand invites enthusiasts to post their own Ovation content to win swag and other accessories to be picked at random.

Vice President of Marketing, Scott Donnell explains,

“We really wanted the site to be more concise and show off the instruments completely. We invested in top quality photography and made sure to show multiple angles, so players could see every detail. We also want to interact with Ovation fans, so we’re encouraging them to join the family and receive regular newsletters, social media content and see what’s next. It really is a new era for the brand and we’re honored to be stewarding it into this exciting next chapter.”

To stay informed about all the latest Ovation products visit  http://www.ovationguitars.com/ for a whole new experience.

About Ovation Guitars

Founded in 1965, Ovation Guitars is an American manufacturer of acoustic-electric guitars, basses, mandolins and ukuleles. Known for their distinctive parabolic-shaped, composite backs, multi-wood epaulets and integrated electronics, Ovation guitars have been played by such legendary artists as Glen Campbell, Melissa Etheridge, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Richie Sambora, Jimmy Page and Kevin Cronin among others.  For more information, visit www.ovationguitars.com

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