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Outlaw Effects Launches Micro Power Supply and Power Supply/Tuner

Outlaw Effects Launches Micro Power Supply and Power Supply/Tuner

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Montreal, QC, June 14 2016 – Micro effects pedal company Outlaw Effects is introducing two new power supplies. The Kerosene micro power supply and the Iron Horse combination power supply/tuner both help users streamline their pedal boards by eliminating individual power cords/wall adapters.

With eight 9V DC outputs each offering 300mA of current, and 2000mA of overall output, Kerosene has plenty of fuel to burn.

Iron Horse also features eight 9V DC outputs, two of which offer 500mA and the other six providing 100mA. This powerful engine will also help you stay on the rails with its quick and accurate integrated tuner, which boasts a large 1 5/8″ x 1 1/8″ easy-to-read LCD display. Your signal is muted when tuning, and True Bypass switching retains the purity of your signal when the tuner is not in use.

Kerosene and Iron Horse each include:

  • Eight (8) 550 mm (21.5″) DC connector cables, allowing the user to power a wide assortment of pedals
  • Two (2) 200 mm (7 ¾”) polarity converter cables, making it possible to power pedals that require a positive-center
  • One (1) 12V DC power adapter

Like all Outlaw Effects, Kerosene and Iron Horse are each housed in a durable aluminum alloy chassis.

U.S. Suggested Retail Prices

KERSOSENE           $79.00
IRON HORSE         $89.00

More about Outlaw Effects

Website: outlawguitareffects.com
Facebook: outlaweffects
Twitter: @outlawpedals

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