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Orianthi Meet and Greet at NEXI NAMM Booth #3726

Orianthi Meet and Greet at NEXI NAMM Booth #3726

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AMSTERDAM  —  Orianthi will be doing a meet and greet session during NAMM at the NEXI booth #3726 of Saturday, January 18 from 12 to 1:00PM to support her signature effects pedals.

Born in Australia, Orianthi was inspired to learn guitar at a young age after discovering her father’s vinyl collection. She rose to international fame at age 24 after the release of her hit single, “According to You” and the memorable, high-energy performance backing Carrie Underwood at the 2009 GRAMMY® Awards.

While her solo career continues to soar, she still has opportunities to perform and collaborate with the likes of Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Carlos Santana, Alice Cooper, Robby Krieger of the Doors, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Dave Stewart, Steve Vai, and Dave Navarro. Her many accolades include being named one of the Greatest Female Electric Guitarists by Elle magazine in 2009 and Breakthrough Guitarist of the Year 2010 by Guitar International, as well as one of Gibson Guitars’ Top 10 Female Guitar Players of All Time. Given her accomplishments and early influences, Orianthi’s partnership with NEXI’s “Vintage Analog Protection Squad” will be one to push the boundaries of great tone.

Orianthi Meet and Greet at NEXI NAMM Booth #3726

Inspired by classic yet modern blues tones, Orianthi Signature Effect Pedals will combine NEXI’s award-winning plug-and-play design with Orianthi’s experience of playing on the world stage. “Tone is everything,” Orianthi once told Tone Report magazine. Orianthi prefers only a few pedals that are clear and direct to better highlight her playing. “Tone is ultimately your voice”, she ardently believes.

Taking these tone driven preferences into account, the team at NEXI is developing two new signature effects pedals that reflect Orianthi’s tonal voice. While designed to Orianthi’s specifications, the pedals will open more tonal horizons for any player. Orianthi Signature Guitar Effect Pedals are a hybrid design meaning it can be powered by either 9V battery, an external jack, or NEXI’s own pedal board. NEXI’s powered “The Solution” pedal board features a click-and-play design allowing pedals to be placed securely in place without the need of patch cables or additional power supplies. Each pedal is priced at $99.95 USD.

Learn more about Orianthi Signature Effect Pedals and other NEXI gear and accessories for electric, bass and acoustic guitar at www.nexi-industries.com or visit the NAMM booth #3726.

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