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Organic Pickups Interchangeable Guitar Pickups

Organic Pickups Introduces True Interchangeability

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Designed as a standard size humbucker that can easily be swapped out on the fly with an alternate pickup module

NASHVILLE, TN – February 8, 2023 – (GUITARpr) – Organic Pickups has announced the introduction of their first truly interchangeable guitar pickups for electric guitars. They do not require any modification to your instrument, and they don’t need a special guitar.

These new interchangeable pickups are designed as a standard size humbucker that can easily be swapped out on the fly with an alternate pickup module with different types of magnets and windings to get that special sound you’re looking for. Their unique Baseplate + Module design allows for quick and easy change out wherever you are.

The first series of interchangeable pickups is called You. There are three different pickup modules that are available in three colors, black, cream, and purple. For maximum flexibility, these pickups are available in a wide variety of configurations. The three modules include:

Model L2 (Alnico II) Neck or Bridge

This is the Vintage version, and it has an Alnico II magnet, known for being the weakest magnet of the Alnico type, but with a very interesting response once combined with the right windings. In this case, less windings for a smother, more vintage kind of sound but with great detail and lots of sustain.

Model NS9 (Alnico V) Neck or Bridge

This is the middle ground version loaded with an Alnico V magnet. It is a very “80s” sounding pickup without excessive amounts of gain but great definition and sustain. One of the main differences between Alnico and Ceramic is that Alnico gives the musician the perception of notes, “melting” with each other which, in the right hands, can make a very expressive sounding pickup.

Model T4 (Ceramic) Neck or Bridge

This is the hotter pickup and comes with a Ceramic magnet offering the impression of separation and precision between notes and, in this case, overwound sets of bobbins. This means you will get a louder attack and sustain, and it is intended to be used with heavy distortion.

The price for one complete pickup is $130 USD and includes the baseplate and one module of choice. The price of one interchangeable module is $70 with the choice of color and position, either neck or bridge.

Additionally, two special sets are available that include:

Single Pickup Set: 1 Baseplate and 2 modules

This is a one pickup set. Each baseplate is for one pickup, and you can choose 2 modules to change out. This setup is especially useful if you work in the studio with that special guitar but want to get that alternate sound. Retails for $200 USD.

Bridge and Neck Set: 2 baseplates and 2 modules

This is a classic set of neck and bridge position pickups for your guitar. Choose from any of the modules. The set includes 2 complete pickups (2 baseplates and 2 modules) in your favorite colors. Retails for $260 USD.

For more information, visit https://organicpickups.com.

Organic Pickups Interchangeable Guitar Pickups

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