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DiMarzio Jake Bowen Signature Mirage Pickups

DiMarzio Releases the Jake Bowen Signature Mirage™ Pickups

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New From DiMarzio – The Jake Bowen Signature Mirage™ Pickups

Jake Bowen‘s creative use of mix-and-match plug-ins, Axe-FX and actual amps continues to push his progressive metal sound forward, and his new Mirage™ pickups are the next step in that journey. Jakes new Ibanez guitar centers around our Strat-style pickup for the neck and humbucker for the bridge.

Jake wanted more of everything from the new bridge pickup design: more output and more highs, mids, and lows to improve clarity in dropped tunings and complex chords. The Mirage™ Neck pickup features a bell-like top end for smoothness and an opened-up bass for balance. Jake also requested slightly more output to keep up with his Mirage™ Bridge pickup, and the result is an unstoppable combo.

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