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Orange Amplification Set Fire, Spill Beer, Drag and Drop Their Amps

Orange Amplification Set Fire, Spill Beer, Drag and Drop Their Amps

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‘How To Void Your Warranty’ Series 2 Launched on YouTube

Orange Amplifications How To Void Your Warranty, Series 2 features top YouTubers conducting experiments to see what happens when you BASH, DROP, DRIVE OVER, DRAG, OVERLOAD, SUBMERGE, SPILL BEER and SET FIRE to a variety of pedals, amps and cabs. Check out the series trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4B_itfCyBs and all episodes are available here.

The series of eight new short films are presented by Glenn Fricker of SpectreSoundStudios, Colin Scott of CSGuitarsPete Cottrell and Hunter (Agufish), Henning of EytchsPi42Mary SpenderSteve from Boston, and Ryan of 60 Cycle Hum.

Glenn uses a cherry picker to drop a Brent Hinds Terror amp and climbs scaffolding to test drop a Fur Coat fuzz pedal. He then goes one step further by driving a car over the pedal. Will they be as ‘metal as f**k’ and still work? Colin pumps up the volume as he plays an 200 Watt AD200 MK3 bass amp through the mini PPC108 8” guitar speaker.

Pete and Hunter get Orange Ambassador Mikey Demus of Skindred to help them discover exactly how long a PPC108 and a Crush Mini will keep on playing when set on fire. Do they explode? Meanwhile Henning explores what he can get away with after he drags a Getaway Driver pedal behind a high speed go-kart. Does it work when he plugs into an OR15 amp? Mary Spender takes a hammer and a can of Relentless to see if she can compress the irrepressible Kongpressor pedal.

“Do amps and beer mix?“ 
 asks Steve from Boston. Last, but not least, Ryan from 60 Cycle Hum has a Micro Terror lunch including submerging it in water to clean off the food. Does it still work?

Watch in horror as all your favourite Orange gear is tested beyond their designed limits to find out how to void your warranty. Warning, these YouTubers did this because they could, please don’t try it at home.

To watch the series visit Orange’s YouTube Channel here:

About Orange Amplification

Orange Amplification has been a pioneering force in guitar and bass amplification since 1968. They have built a reputation of delivering innovative technology, always built with uncompromising attention to detail and quality.  Known as the best British guitar amplifier manufacturer for both design and build, they dominate the world’s stages and studios. Orange are rightfully proud of their heritage, a story that began in the late 1960’s. The world’s greatest rock icons, including Jimmy Page, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Fleetwood Mac, Oasis, Madonna, Jim Root and Geddy Lee are proud to stand in front of the unmistakable iconic brand and rely upon its unique tone.

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