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Danish Startup Noatronic Brings Home Another Best in Show Award from NAMM 2020
Danish Startup Noatronic Brings Home Another Best in Show Award from NAMM 2020

Danish Startup Noatronic Brings Home Another Best in Show Award from NAMM 2020

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Within seven months, NAMM, the world’s biggest music tradeshow, has awarded Noatronic twice, for their revolutionary ‘Onboard Expression’ that sets guitarists free from their pedalboards.

(13 February 2020, Aarhus, Denmark) At Summer NAMM Nashville 2019 Noatronic officially launched its first product – the Onboard Expression system that makes it possible to remote control a pedalboard directly from a guitar. Noatronic got off to a great start by winning a Best in Show award in the main category, and at the recent NAMM 2020 show in California, the company was once again chosen by NAMM for a Best in Show award – this time in the Best Add-Ons or Accessories category.

“To say the least, I am completely overwhelmed by doubling up on Best in Show awards,” says Michael Engel, founder of Noatronic and the engineer behind the Onboard Expression system. “Of course it meant something truly special to be awarded in Nashville, having just released my first product, but winning this second award is just as amazing, as it simply reassures me that I am onto something that makes a real difference for the gigging guitarists and bassists out there.”

“When I developed Onboard Expression I had 3 main requirements. The Controller in the guitar had to be passive to avoid any batteries inside the guitar, it also couldn’t change the construction of the guitar and finally it couldn’t change the appearance of the guitar. In short, it simply had to stay true to the instrument,” says Michael Engel.

 Michael Engel - Noatronic

The end result is a Controller, which is a push-push potentiometer, that replaces a tone potentiometer in the guitar, a stereo jack socket and a digital Receiver at the pedalboard, communicating with pedals, amps and amp modelers using its MIDI, Expression & Switch outputs.
When using Onboard Expression, the guitarist is now free to control any FX-parameter and to engage lead tones while focusing on the guitar and the performance.

Noatronic Onboard Expression is available now at $249 / €249 on www.noatronic.com or at dealers around the world.

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