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NEXI Industries’ analog 70’s Overdrive pedal

NEXI Industries Boosts the Gain with Modern Design for 70’s Overdrive Pedal

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AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS — Finally, there’s an overdrive effect pedal that allows players to crank up the gain without getting all “cranked up” by pedal board issues. NEXI Industries’ analog 70’s Overdrive pedal (OVD-01) delivers a full-range frequency response in a forward-thinking, click-and-play format. Whether they are crunching up on a classic rock anthem or powering through a blues solo, today’s players regularly call on the influential 70’s Overdrive effect and will benefit from NEXI’s innovative, hassle-free design.

Overdrive pedals electronically clip the waveform, replicating the sound of a tube amp turned all the way up. They can also add volume and act as a booster to help get more tone from a tube amp that’s lacking in gain or distortion. This is especially helpful in capturing the emotional style that was popularized back in the day. NEXI’s 70’s Overdrive carries on the tradition with three standard knobs on the lighted-rim interface: Gain, Tone, and Volume. Gain controls the effect on the input signal. Lower it to hear more of the guitar’s clean signal or crank it up to add more distortion and sustain. Tone controls the overall EQ of the signal. Dial it up for a treblier sound, or dial it down for more bass. Adjust the loudness of the effect in the mix by turning Volume up or down.

NEXI’s 70’s Overdrive was designed by boutique effect pedal creators, the self-declared “Vintage Analog Protection Squad,” who are committed to providing a unique tone without compromise. Like all NEXI pedals, the 70’s Overdrive is true bypass and hybrid, meaning it can be used standalone with a 9V battery or plugged right into the external power supply of NEXI’s revolutionary pedal board.

NEXI Industries presents: The analog 70’s Overdrive

Video by NEXI Industries

Aptly named “The Solution,” this heavy-duty board has a two-channel switch and three-step booster to satisfy every guitarist’s ego. It’s also equipped with a built-in tuner and power supply, two charging docks for tablet or smartphone, and covers that protect ports against dirt and beverage spills (splash-proof). Gitarist Magazine (The Netherlands) awarded The Solution 4.5 out of 5 stars, recognizing it as the “first pedal board without hassle and with a lot of useful features.”

NEXI’s 70’s Overdrive is priced at €99.95 (approx. USD $110) with free worldwide shipping. Get a closer look and hear a demo at https://nexi.eu/products/70-s-overdrive.

NEXI Industries’ analog 70’s Overdrive pedalNEXI Industries’ analog 70’s Overdrive pedal

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