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NEXI Dutch Screamer

NEXI Industries Introduces Versatile ‘Dutch Screamer’ Guitar Effects Pedal

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AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS — Screaming out in public has never been more appropriate than with NEXI Industries’ new Dutch Screamer, a guitar effects pedal with sufficient crunch, midrange growl, and a distinctly Amsterdam design vibe. It’s perfect for guitarists looking to conjure up the sound of Stevie Ray Vaughn, a proponent of the tube screamer genre of pedal. While the tone stays true to the smooth muscle of 1980s blues rock, the Dutch Screamer is also quite versatile with a dynamic response that will fulfill the needs of any rock, punk, funk, or R&B player who wants a boost on their pedal board.

NEXI’s Dutch Screamer cuts through the rest of the band and gives the guitar tone an extra punch. Surrounded by a lighted periphery on the interface, three onboard knobs adjust Tone, Drive, and Volume. Tone controls the signal and treble frequencies, while Drive controls the gain of the input signal for increased distortion and sustain. The player has full control over the Dutch Screamer’s levels, which is essential to achieving the desired sound in the mix.

The Dutch Screamer was designed by boutique effect pedal creators, the self-declared “Vintage Analog Protection Squad,” who are committed to providing a unique tone without compromise. All NEXI pedals are true bypass and hybrid, and all are tailor-made to plug ‘n play. That means the Dutch Screamer can be used standalone with a 9V battery or plugged right into the external power supply of NEXI’s revolutionary pedal board. Aptly named “The Solution,” this heavy-duty board has a two-channel switch and three-step booster to satisfy every guitarist’s ego. It’s also equipped with covers that protect ports against dirt and beverage spills (splash-proof), a built-in tuner and power supply, and two charging docks for tablet or smartphone. Players can rock confidently, knowing that their board—and their Dutch Screamer pedal—are safe and sound.

NEXI Industries has made sure that any growling is a result of the effect—not of the price tag! The Dutch Screamer is priced at MSRP €99.95 (approx. USD $105). Get a closer look and hear a demo at https://nexi.eu/products/dutch-screamer.

NEXI Industries presents: The analog Dutch Screamer

Video by NEXI Industries

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