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New SNARK AIR rechargeable clip-on tuner

New SNARK AIR rechargeable clip-on tuner

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The new SNARK AIR® rechargeable clip-on tuner, an innovative design with exciting new features.

SNARK® are renowned as innovative pioneers within the world of clip-on tuners and…they’ve done it again… with the rechargeable SNARK AIR® tuner, a totally new design with a host of exciting features.  With no buttons or switches, navigating though the SNARK AIR’s tuner features is a one-handed operation.

SNARK AIR rechargeable clip-on tuner

Hides Behind The Headstock

For a totally easy-to-read display when attached to the front or hidden behind the instrument’s headstock, SNARK AIR® revolves a full 360 degrees. Tap the plane on the top to change the orientation of the display to work well on the back of headstock.

SNARK AIR® is extremely light, compact and robust, looking ultra-cool.

SNARK AIR® incorporates fast and flawless tuning software…tuning is sweeter than ever.

New SNARK AIR rechargeable clip-on tuner

No Batteries To Change

The new SNARK AIR® rechargeable clip-on tuner includes USB charging cable. Tunes electric, bass and acoustic guitars, ukuleles, banjos and more, lasting for weeks to months of regular use on one charge.

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SNARK AIR® Features

  • Superb lightning-fast technology ensures fast accurate tuning.
  • One touch operation to navigate.
  • No buttons or switches – Easily operate with one hand.
  • Zero Turbulence technology for rock solid tuning.
  • Rechargeable – Never buy batteries again.
  • Hides behind the headstock.
  • Rotates a full 360°.
  • Includes travel bag and USB charge cable.

More info at www.SNARKAIR.COM

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