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New Pre-Cut, Low-Profile Pedal Fasteners From Gruv Gear

New Pre-Cut, Low-Profile Pedal Fasteners From Gruv Gear

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The Perfect Accessory For The LYNK Pedalboards

Orange County, California (September 21st 2020) – Gruv Gear now offers the simple to use and easy to apply  LYNK Pre-Cut, Low-Profile Pedal Fasteners; the perfect professional accessory for all guitar & bass pedalboards, including the LYNK and LYNK Dekade Edition.

The new Gruv Gear LYNK Pedal Fasteners, manufactured by 3M, are conveniently pre-cut into the 1×1” and 1×2” most commonly used sizes. Unlike other hook and loop pedal fasteners cut from a roll, the LYNK Pedal Fasteners are always the same, every time; gone are the days of crooked edges and uneven, mis-matched sizes and shapes. These pre-cut fasteners make for a faster setup, so you can save time and get to playing quicker.

The new, clear fasteners are also half the thickness of the standard 3M Dual-Lock fasteners. At only 0.10’ (2.5mm) thin, pedals can be placed flush to the pedalboard, so they always look neat and tidy. Plus, in comparison to other products on the market, the LYNK Pedal Fasteners are easier to pull off and adjust; so, pedals can effortlessly be removed and relocated.

The tough ‘stick-um’, industrial strength adhesive of the pedal fasteners is specially designed to withstand temperature variations and fix to any surface. The whole pedalboard, including pedals can be lifted and everything will hold securely and remain in place, making the LYNK Pedal Fasteners ideal when travelling, gigging, touring, in the studio, on stage or even at home.

The long lasting, durable LYNK Pedal Fasteners are available in starter packs of twenty which includes five sets of 1×2” rectangular pieces and fifteen sets of 1×1” square pieces and are suitable for most 8-12 pedals. The new Gruv Gear LYNK Pedal Fasteners retail at just $19.99.

The LYNK Pedalboard, and the LYNK Pedalboard Dekade Edition are lightweight, modular, linkable aluminum units that allow guitarists and bassists to build custom length pedalboards. The connectors of each 12” wide and 17” deep panel have threaded feet to allow the pedalboards to be adjusted to the perfect angle. An optional extra for the LYNK pedalboards is a wireless rechargeable power supply to keep pedals juiced for hours and reduce cable clutter and trip hazards, which is slated to be offered in early 2021.

To find out more about Gruv Gear, the LYNK Pedal Fasteners, the LYNK Pedalboards and all the company’s other products please go to https://gruvgear.com/ .

About Gruv Gear

Gruv Gear is a premium travel lifestyle brand originally rooted in the creative community. Distributed in over 55 countries, it aims to revolutionize the jetsetter’s lifestyle with its innovative backpacks, cases and accessories. Over 250 world-class musicians, producers, photographers and million-mile travelers endorse and trust Gruv Gear with their everyday carry and tech essentials. Learn more about Gruv Gear by visiting: http://www.gruvgear.com

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