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Michael Kelly 7 and 8 String Guitars

Michael Kelly Guitars Announces Crowd-sourced Product Development For New 7 and 8 String Guitars

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The development of new products is typically done in the strictest secrecy within guitar companies. Breaking with the old guitar industry standard of springing new products on players at the time of launch, Michael Kelly Guitars is crowd-sourcing the development of a new collection of extended-range guitars featuring seven- and eight-string models. Confident in allowing players to define the new product and guide the development, the guitar maker is throwing the curtain wide open.

Starting Aug. 22, Michael Kelly Guitars will begin sharing design ideas with the public for their next generation of seven- and eight-string guitars. At least once a week, they will post different insights and samples on the special Player’s Voice section of the MK website as well as on their social media accounts, asking for community insights and opinions. This new and engaging content will further open the dialogue between the company and guitar players.

We are inviting players to join a community that will guide the development of several new Michael Kelly products.
This group will nurture these products from the initial basic product concept to a completed collection of products.

explains company founder Tracy Hoeft.

Through videos, photos, and shared data, players will be able to differentiate how certain elements of the instruments will look and sound compared to others. This conversation will continue through November. The resulting products will be introduced at the 2017 National Association of Music Merchants Show in Anaheim, Calif., Jan. 19-22.

Considering that so many of their customers share the passion for excellence, this team effort has unlimited potential. To access the special site and join this community visit MKPlayersVoice.com.

About Michael Kelly Guitar Co.

Founded in 1999, Michael Kelly Guitars is an American guitar, bass, and mandolin company that imports quality instruments manufactured to their specifications. “Built on Sound,” the company has earned a reputation for excellent aesthetics, value, and overall performance. For more information, visit www.MichaelKellyGuitars.com  or call (727) 793-9059.

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