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Maxon Custom Shop SSD-9 Super Sonic Distortion

Maxon Custom Shop releases SSD-9 Super Sonic Distortion

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Maxon® Custom Shop SSD-9 Super Sonic Distortion

Godlyke, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the Maxon® Custom Shop SSD-9 Super Sonic Distortion pedal.

Designed by TubeScreamer® creator and former Maxon head engineer Susumu Tamura, the Super Sonic Distortion modification was developed based on suggestions from professional Guitarists as to how the stock SD-9 circuit could be improved.

The modifications for the Super Sonic Distortion are as follows:

  • Dramatically increased output level to push signal chains harder and allow for use with a wider variety of guitar & amp combinations.
  • The center frequency of the Tone control has been shifted for a greater emphasis on lows & lower midrange
  • Attenuation of the 1K range that can make the stock version sound “fizzy” in higher settings.
  • Several component tolerances changed to allow for operation at 18 VDC – a popular request from Guitarists looking for improved headroom & less compression.
  • True Bypass Switching

The Super Sonic Distortion modifications produce a rich, thick Guitar tone with tube amp-like qualities and response.

Street price for the SSD-9 is $199

Maxon Custom Shop SSD-9 Super Sonic Distortion

For more info on Maxon products including video demos of the SSD-9, please visit our websites www.maxonfx.com, www.godlyke.com, e-mail us at or call us at 973-777-7477.

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