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Matchless Independence 35 amplifier

Matchless Independence 35 amplifier

Guitar Pro 8 - Black Friday sale

MEMPHIS, TN. JANUARY 5, 2016- Blues City Music today, with Matchless Amplifiers, announces they now offer the Matchless Independence 35 amplifier. The Independence 35 is a 35 watt, 3 channel guitar amplifier, and is still the only one of its kind from Matchless. The backlit nameplate changes between the colors of red, white, or blue depending on the channel. Blue City Music will offer the options of head and combo units with or without reverb.

This 35-watt amplifier measures at 8.5” tall, 21.5” wide, 10.5” deep, weighs 50 pounds, and comes standard in vintage green but optional colors are available. The user can change between three channels by the use of a footswitch that also changes the backlit nameplate color from red, white, or blue depending on the channel being used. Channel 2 (white) is powered by one 12AX7 and will provide ample chunk and high-gain lead. Channel 3 (red) is all about fire. The master volume control is by-passable and features a cut control to thicken up and shave the highs.

Four 12AX7 preamp tubes set up the Independence 35’s power section equipped with a 5AR4 rectifier tube and a pair of cathode self-biasing EL34’s. Switches on the amplifier include reverse speaker phase, hi-lo power, 3 position rotary impedance, and 6 position rotary tone. This model also includes dual speaker jacks.

Pricing starts at $ 3,455.00 USD for the 35-Watt Head

Blues City Music was established in 2005 in a rural suburb just east of Memphis, Tennessee. Founder James Burke, a full time Boeing 777 Captain/Check Airman for FedEx, prides himself on providing unmatched customer service and top shelf products. As the largest stocking dealer for Soldano Custom Amplification and Diamond Amplification; plus, carrying Diezel and Friedman amplifiers, players have the ability to buy from a large selection of products, or create their own amp from model, color, and modifications. In additional to amplifiers and speaker cabinets, BCM offers Diamond Guitars, Zemaitis Guitars, Traveler Guitars, Lava Cables, Solid Cables, American DJ stage lighting, and various accessories. Blues City Music offers first class payment and shipping options to help guitarists find their dream amplifiers and guitars.

For more information please visit www.bluescitymusic.com

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