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Mastery Unveils New M10.2 Archtop Bridge

Mastery Unveils New M10.2 Archtop Bridge

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A superior archtop bridge that functions well with a Bigsby B3.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – May 28, 2024 – (GUITARpr) – Mastery, known for its high-end guitar hardware, has just announced the introduction of the all new M10.2 Archtop Bridge. This next-level design functions superbly with the Bigsby® B3 Vibrato.

The M10.2 bridge features an all new machined (not cast) aircraft grade aluminum baseplate with bright nickel plating. The FSC Certified Richlite archtop baseplate includes custom-machined, stainless-steel thimbles that hold its patented adjustable mounting post system.

The M10.2 incorporates Mastery’s patented saddle system, which has been used on thousands of guitars from stage to studio since 2007. These proprietary hard chrome plated saddles are fully adjustable in height and radius to your preference.

Each bridge includes a custom-made Mastery valve spring for your Bigsby® Vibrato made from high carbon steel and pre-set to give optimal performance. Additionally, each bridge comes with 3M® double-sided tape for those who want to secure the baseplate to the top of the guitar.

According to Mastery founder, John Woodland, “After years of success with our original M1 Offset Bridge and multiple variations, designing an archtop bridge that functions well with a Bigsby B3 seemed like a natural progression for us. We spent over a year fine-tuning this bridge and producing multiple fixtures for it in our machine shop with our newly acquired 4-axis CNC that has allowed us to expand our design work to new heights across the board.”

Mastery will have a 24k gold plated option available soon, as well as flat-bottom baseplate version coming later this year. All Mastery Bridges and Vibratos are made in the USA. Learn more at: https://masterybridge.com/product/m10-2/

Mastery M10.2 Archtop Bridge

About Mastery

Mastery is dedicated to delivering a better user experience for guitar players by offering innovative, design-forward guitar hardware that is engineered and machined in the USA. We strive to combine form and function while offering progressive, groundbreaking products that are unparalleled in the guitar industry. For more information, visit: https://masterybridge.com.

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