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Mastery Announces Additions to M10 Line

Mastery Announces Additions to M10 Line

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – June 3, 2024 – (GUITARpr) – Mastery, the designer and builder of high-end guitar hardware, has just released significant additions to the company’s new line of M10 Bridges as well as its line of Vibratos.

Mastery’s new M10 line provides the same performance as the original M1 Bridge but with a machined (not cast) aircraft-grade aluminum baseplate that is polished, and Bright Nickel plated.

The M10 works on any USA made offset guitar produced prior to 2013 and also works on any guitar with our MT thimbles currently installed. The M10.1 is the same as the M10 but comes with a set of our new MT-AOM thimbles made for guitars with Adjusto-Matic™ (AOM) bridges, making it a drop-in replacement.

All M10 bridges incorporate Mastery’s patented saddle system, which has been used on thousands of guitars from stage to studio since 2007. These proprietary hard chrome plated saddles are fully adjustable in height and radius to your preference. The arched design of the bridge is engineered not to warp, which is an issue in many cast, flat-top Tune-O-Matic™ (TOM) bridges.

The OMVN Vibrato has an aircraft-grade aluminum body plate that is polished, and Bright Nickel plated. When combined with the M10, the complete kit is 2oz lighter than Mastery’s stainless-steel kit. The look of the Bright Nickel plating is a visual game changer. Additionally, two new Arm Tips in Bright Nickel are available in regular tip shape as well as Mastery’s unique UFO design.

According to Mastery founder, John Woodland, “I own a 1971 Mercedes Benz 280SL and every time I drive it, I appreciate the brightly plated chrome accents that are thoughtfully placed in and around the car. It’s a timeless look. As such, I wanted to machine our design using aircraft-grade aluminum, but it’s nearly impossible to find anyone that can plate that metal substrate. Fortunately, we were able to work with a local plater and discovered a proprietary process that works to create a beautiful, deep looking, shiny finish.”

More information about the new M10 line from Mastery is available at: https://masterybridge.com/shop/#mastery-m10

Watch the M10 intro video at: https://vimeo.com/952750892

About Mastery

Mastery is dedicated to delivering a better user experience for guitar players by offering innovative, design-forward guitar hardware that is engineered and machined in the USA. We strive to combine form and function while offering progressive, groundbreaking products that are unparalleled in the guitar industry. For more information, visit: https://masterybridge.com.

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