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Malina Moye Announces Signature Guitar Strings With Dean Markley USA

Malina Moye Announces Signature Guitar Strings With Dean Markley USA

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Guitar sensation Malina Moye has been added to the prestigious Dean Markley Artist Series guitar strings roster.

A long-time user of Dean Markley Strings, Moye swears by them, “I love the strings and have been using them for years. They retain tone, don’t break, and just last. The top end is bendable and has great sustain, while the bottom packs a punch.”

Malina’s signature line is the (9-42) gauge Blue Steel Electric Guitar Set. The strings are Cryogenically treated strings to enhance tone and are Made of 8% nickel-plated steel outer wrap on tinned Mandolin wire hex-core, that creates a longer lasting durable string.

Chart topping recording artist Malina Moye has made history as a guitarist, reached number one on Billboard, and continues to break boundaries with every album. Additional Dean Markely  USA Artist Roster signature artists are Orianthi, DJ Ashba (Sixx:Am, Guns & Roses) and Lita Ford to name a few.

The new Malina Moye line will be available on July 4th and will be part of the Dean Markley Annual Star-Spangled Sales Spectacular Event. For more info visit Deanmarkley.com

Malina Moye with Dean Markley Signature Guitar Strings

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