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Von Frankenstein Monster Gear Brody Dalle Dang-A-Langs strings

Von Frankenstein Monster Gear Brody Dalle Dang-A-Langs strings

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Brody Dalle Partners with Von Frankenstein Monster Gear™ for Dang-A-Langs™ Guitar String

HILLSBORO, IL – Von Frankenstein Monster Gear™ introduces Brody Dalle Dang-A-Langs nickel-plated electric guitar strings. The newest addition to their artist signature series, Dang-A-Langs channel the fearsome energy of the legendary frontwoman for punk icons The Distillers, while providing the high levels of handmade quality and versatility players have come to expect from the brand.

Boasting unrivaled durability that can endure the most rowdy and aggressive live performances, Brody Dalle’s Dang-A-Langs deliver on the sonic front as well. Precisely hand crafted, these strings deliver a full, meaty tone equally appropriate to a furious circle-pit or a high-end recording studio. Renowned U.S.-based Sheptone® string-makers match nickel-plated steel to a treated hex steel core, guaranteeing the consistency and quality demanded by hard playing six-stringers such as Dalle.

A lifelong rock and roll acolyte, Australian-born Brody Dalle initially made a mark on the punk scene with her first group, Sourpuss, before relocating to L.A. and achieving global notoriety with The Distillers. Subsequent recordings and tours with Spinnerette and her solo projects, as well as The Distillers, have kept Dalle front-and-center in the zeitgeist – with her confident, uncompromising guitar work always playing a vital role. A take-no-prisoners artist such as she would settle for nothing but the best and, with the new Dang-A-Langs Guitars Strings, Von Frankenstein Monster Gear has provided precisely that.

Von Frankenstein Monster Gear Brody Dalle Dang-A-Langs strings

As with all Von Frankenstein Monster Gear strings, the new Brody Dalle strings undergo a meticulous crafting process, employing the finest, domestically sourced materials. On a U.S. workbench, nickel-plated steel is hand-wrapped around a treated hex steel core, assuring the highest levels of feel, durability, and quality. Through such painstaking methodology, even the most discriminating and astute players – such as Dalle, herself – can expect a product free of the irregularities and inconsistency found with mass produced strings. Nearly unbreakable and individually sealed and labeled in anti-corrosion bags, the Brody Dalle Dang-A-Langs are reliable partners for the most strenuous performances, rehearsals, or recording sessions.

Brody Dalle Dang-A-Langs come in carefully selected gauges – .011(E), .014(A), .018(G), .028(D), .038(A), .038(A),  and .048(E) – suitable to a broad scope of music from the harshest, most aggressive power chords to clean, melodic arpeggiation.

Von Frankenstein Monster Gear Brody Dalle Dang-A-Langs strings

Be it onstage at a gritty punk dive, playing to tens of thousands at festivals, or tracking in the studio, Von Frankenstein Monster Gear Brody Dalle Dang-A-Langs deliver.

Street Price $13.49 USD

To learn more, visit www.vonfrankensteinmonstergear.com.

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