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Lunastone Debuts TrueOverDrive 2 in the US at Summer NAMM 2017

Lunastone Debuts TrueOverDrive 2 in the US at Summer NAMM 2017

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Danish pedal company brings TrueOverDrive to Nashville in July, exhibiting at this year’s Summer NAMM together with its US distributor Dedicated Musical Imports.

(Copenhagen, Denmark, 30 June 2017) Lunastone pedals, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, developed a concept that makes their overdrive pedals sound and behave like real tube amps. At NAMM 2017 in January, the company introduced TrueOverDrive 1 that united a smaller footprint with transparent overdrive and a sleek design. Now, TrueOverDrive 2 is ready to be presented in America for the first time.

We believe that having more choices are always a great thing,” says Lunastone CEO, Allan Strand. “The TrueOverDrive 1 and 2 pedals may look very similar on the surface, but there is a sonic difference in nuance that just make all of the difference to some players. In short, we added more low-end presence and a tad more gain to TOD 2. This makes it better fit for smaller amps and lower volumes, whereas TOD 1 sounds amazing on a large half or full stacks. We look forward to bringing both of these pedals –along with our classic line of pedals – to Nashville and Summer NAMM 2017.

Allan StrandLunastone will be at Booth #1260 at the show, and CEO, Allan Strand, as well as Ed Simeone, representing the company’s US distributor, Dedicated Musical Imports, will be there to help visitors make the right choice, finding the particular flavor of TrueOverDrive that fits their taste and playing style the best.

Also to be found at booth 1260, are Hansen Guitars and Olsson Amps. Both of these brands are distributed by Dedicated Musical Imports in North America and by Lunastone in the rest of the world.


Lunastone Debuts TrueOverDrive 2 in the US at Summer NAMM 2017Lunastone Debuts TrueOverDrive 2 in the US at Summer NAMM 2017

About LunaStone

LunaStone was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, by guitarist and engineer, Steen Grøntved, in 2012. Steen is a passionate guitarist, but also an engineer and something of a dreamer who constantly pursues divine guitar tone. Decades of gigging and studio sessions taught him an important lesson: “Nothing takes away focus from the music like poor sound”, which triggered the obsession of creating the perfect overdrive pedal. The result is Lunastone’s TrueOverDrive concept, which is based on intensive listening tests of all potential components in isolation. Unlike most overdrive pedals, Lunastone’s TrueOverDrive pedals do not rely on diode clipping, but instead on cascaded gain stages, which makes them sound and behave dynamically like true tube amps being driven hard.

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